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Jax Consulting and Believe in Me Forge a Powerful Partnership

JAX Consulting and Believe in Me unite to empower marginalized children through a powerful partnership. The in-kind donation of Salesforce consulting by JAX has revolutionized Believe in Me’s operations, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Together, they bridge the gap for marginalized kids, offering hope and a brighter future through compassion and dedication.

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National Non-Profit Day: How to Celebrate and Give Back

Today is National Non-Profit Day! Let’s take this time to celebrate the daily hard work and dedication that nonprofit organizations put in. These organizations play a vital role in our society, and they deserve our recognition and support. These organizations provide various services essential to our communities’ well-being, including education, health, shelter, enlighting, nurturing, support, and more.

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The Best Donation! 5 ways to becoming a better donor

You’ve decided you want to start giving to your local charities. You are comfortable in your finances and want to put your surplus towards a worthy cause. The question is; how do I give the best donation? It’s not always easy to figure out the best way to give back, but here are some guidelines

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