Bryan Lara Receives Believe in Me Scholarship Award for Academic Excellence and Community Leadership

Believe in Me awarded Bryan Lara the prestigious $10,000 Believe in Me Scholarship last year. This scholarship aims to recognize outstanding individuals who have demonstrated resilience, determination, and a commitment to their community. Bryan’s impressive academic achievements and his unwavering dedication to uplifting those around him have made him a deserving recipient of this esteemed award.

Believe in Me’s Mission

Believe in Me believes every child deserves the opportunity to develop the self-confidence necessary for success. By providing scholarships and support to students, the organization strives to break the cycle of limited opportunities often faced by individuals from marginalized backgrounds. Through its Five Pillars of Caring, Believe in Me creates a nurturing environment that empowers young individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

Gritty Pursuit for Academic Excellence and Determination


Bryan Lara’s academic journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and perseverance. Boasting an impressive GPA of 3.75, Bryan’s commitment to academic excellence is unmistakable, consistently meeting the stringent criteria for academic prowess and excelling in advanced placement courses.

Bryan has persistently triumphed over life's adversities. He harbors a profound concern for his future, effortlessly excelling academically while gracefully navigating the intricate balance between sports, academics, and the demands of his home life.
Ainsley Goodrich
Bryan's Teacher

With great pride, we acknowledge Bryan’s pursuit of higher education at Gonzaga, a journey facilitated in part by our scholarship program. Bryan’s trajectory toward realizing his dreams is a poignant illustration of the reciprocal belief instilled by Believe in Me, which, in turn, believes in him. Despite facing challenges and hailing from a household grappling with financial constraints, Bryan has exhibited extraordinary resilience and an unwavering determination to carve out a path to success.

Paving a Path of Success Through the Power of Community


One of Bryan Lara’s standout qualities is his deep-rooted connection to his community. His scholarship essay emphasizes how his community served as his backbone and resource, empowering him to find his path and defy the statistics that often limit individuals in similar circumstances. Bryan envisions a future where he can give back to his community by running his own business and hiring, promoting, and mentoring community members. His mother’s influence has significantly shaped his values, as he learned the importance of building genuine relationships and putting in extra effort to make a difference. Bryan’s recommendation from Jesse Franklin, who has mentored him for eight years, highlights his community-driven mindset

Bryan will be successful in whatever he does. He wants to build a business and be an entrepreneur. He wants to give back to his family and community.
Jesse Franklin
Founding Mentor/Executive Director
Rainier Athletes

Trailblazing Leadership


Bryan Lara’s leadership qualities shine through his actions and interactions with others. In the classroom, he is known for helping his peers, asking insightful questions, and encouraging fellow students to find success. Jesse Franklin describes Bryan as a role model for his four younger brothers, emphasizing his commitment to supporting his family and taking on responsibilities beyond his years. Bryan’s experiences have instilled a deep pride in his culture, and he inspires others to embrace their voices and identities. His relentless work ethic and willingness to learn from mistakes have earned him the respect and admiration of those around him.

Bryan Lara

A Triumph of Tenacity


Bryan Lara’s journey inspires all those who face challenges and adversity in pursuit of their dreams. Bryan has demonstrated remarkable potential for making a lasting impact through his academic achievements, community-centered approach, and leadership qualities. The scholarship award he has received is a testament to his hard work, resilience, and commitment to serving his community. As Bryan continues his education and pursues a career in business or marketing, he will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the lives of others. We celebrate Bryan’s accomplishments and eagerly anticipate the positive contributions he will make in the future.

I’m just somebody who BELEIVES community should work for everybody
Bryan Lara
2023 Believe in Me Scholarship Recipient

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