boy reading a book

Read a New Book Month: How to Encourage Kids to Read

Reading is a fundamental skill that helps children learn and grow. It’s important for parents and educators to help kids develop a love for reading at an early age. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of reading and how it can help marginalized youth in our communities.

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woman holding her adoptive baby

National Adoption Awareness Month: Every Kid Deserves A Family That Loves Them

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. This is a time where we celebrate the families that have adopted children, as well as raise awareness for the many kids who are in need of homes. Read More

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Family celebrating Thanksgiving, sitting around the table and serving turkey

A Day In The Life: Celebrating Thanksgiving Through the Eyes Of A Foster Kid

Thanksgiving is a time when families come together to celebrate all that they are grateful for. For many foster kids, this holiday can be bittersweet. They may feel grateful for the new family they have been welcomed into, but may also feel sad and loss at not being able to spend the holiday with their birth family. . Learn how to help.

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Navajo trive

Native American People: Honoring Their History, Recognizing Their Cultures

November is Native American Month. For this reason, we want to honor the history and culture of Native American people. Did you know there are more than 573 separate tribal entities in the United States, and approximately 175 indigenous languages remaining today? Read More

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Girl In STEM

STEM Programs Help Kids Develop The Self-Confidence They Need To Be Successful

STEM programs help kids to build self-confidence by providing opportunities to try new things, learn new skills, like problem-solving. In addition, they can also help children see that they are capable of accomplishing. Read More.

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Spokane Youth Symphony Concert

Spokane Youth Symphony: Music Is Reaching New Levels

This article focuses on importance of music for kids and youth, the important work Spokane Youth Symphony is doing to change the lives of our community’s youth, and to express our thanks for their performance at our gala. Read More

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Baby at the Gala

The Gala Event We Were Waiting For: Tomorrow Never Dies

On Friday October 7, over 350 attendees gathered together at the Davenport Grand Hotel  to raise funds to support marginalized …

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Person Holding Rainbow flag

Coming Out Day: Recognizing Bravery and Togetherness

Today is National Coming Out Day! This date was observed for the first time in 1988 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Gay Freedom Parade and to create awareness about LGTBQ+ people and their rights in the USA. Read More

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Farmer Kid Holding Grapes

Hispanic Heritage Month: Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huertas In The Spotlight

Beginning September 15th through October 15th, we have a whole month to celebrate and recognize the Hispanic heritage that has …

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Homeless girl in transitional living

Transitional Living: Supporting Youth To Leave The Streets And Accomplish Their Dreams

There are many reasons why children live outside the safety and protection of a home. They may get forced to …

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yellow ribbon for suicide prevention

Suicide Prevention: Steps You Can Take To Raise Awareness and Save Lives

What helps to reduce suicide rates is to improve the well-being of those vulnerable people by doing the opposite to restrict, we must support, listen, accompany, adequate mental healthcare, and give more access to medical services and suicide prevention activities. Read More

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Marginalized Kids

Helping You To Understand What Marginalization Is And How It Impacts Kids

Marginalization, also referred to as social exclusion, occurs when certain groups do not have equal access to various areas within our society. It can occur due to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, background, socio-economic level, migrant status, and age. Read More

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Grant Application

Believe in Me Announces 2023 Grant Cycle Applications Are Open

SPOKANE, WA Believe In Me is pleased to announce the availability of $388,000 for granting in 2023 to Washington and …

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Little Kid Sleeping

Sleep Quality: Making It A Priority For A Better Life

Research shows time and again that sleep significantly impacts cognitive performance, vocabulary acquisition, learning, and memory. Sleep also significantly affects growth, especially in early infancy, where sleeping is necessary for memory consolidation and motor skill development. Read More

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National Non-Profit Day: How to Celebrate and Give Back

Today is National Non-Profit Day! Let’s take this time to celebrate the daily hard work and dedication that nonprofit organizations put in. These organizations play a vital role in our society, and they deserve our recognition and support. These organizations provide various services essential to our communities’ well-being, including education, health, shelter, enlighting, nurturing, support, and more.

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young activist

Youth Day: Improving Youth People Lives Around The World

Every year, the International Youth Day celebration has a different focus. The annual topics have varied greatly, from youth civic engagement, young building peace, transforming education, and engagement in global action to this year’s topic: intergenerational solidarity. Read More

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Qualified Charities Distribution (QCD) To Support Marginalized Kids

A QCD is a direct transfer of funds from your IRA custodian, payable to a qualified charity. QCDs can be counted toward satisfying your required minimum distributions (RMDs) for the year. Read More

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Human Trafficking UN

Human Trafficking: Giving Second Chances To Those Who Need It

Human trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of people through force, fraud, or deception, intending to exploit them for profit. As a community, we can’t ignore that even the places where we live can be connections for the traffickers to get to other states. Read More

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Charity Golf Tournament 2022

Believe in Me raises money to invest in programs that support marginalized kids in the Inland Northwest. One of the …

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Youth People and Skills

World Youth Skills Day: How Organizations In Spokane Are Helping Kids

In November 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared July 15th as World Youth Skills Day. The celebration of this day brings awareness and a call to action to improve access to new skills for young people. These skills are necessary attributes for employment and entrepreneurship. Read More

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Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts: An Opportunity To Transform Low-Income Girls Into Leaders

The value that Girl Scouts places in the outdoors is stronger than ever. For many girls, belonging to Girl Scouts provides an opportunity to connect with nature in a girl-led setting. The organization offers a wide range of outdoor programming, from day trips to week-long camping trips. Read More

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March on Washington

Bayard Rustin: Helping People Of Color And The Gay Community Through Social Justice

Bayard Rustin’s work was instrumental in the civil rights movement. He believed that all people should be treated equally and worked tirelessly to make this happen, even when it was unpopular or dangerous for him. His non-cooperation, truth, and honesty techniques during protest then became an inspiration and support for young activists like Martin Luther King, Jr. Learn More

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Dorothy Vaugham

Juneteenth: A New Era Of Hope For African American People

Juneteenth is a great time to learn about the ending of slavery in the United States and to honor the culture and achievements of African Americans. Today, we want to celebrate Dorothy Vaughan. Even though she didn’t live during times of slavery, it was only 50 years later when she was born. Surrounded by instability and uncertainly for black people, Dorothy was born to be the first African-American team manager at NASA. Read More.

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Pride Month

Pride Month: Say It Loud, Gay is Proud

June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, asexual and intersex (LGBTQAI+) people and their rights. While great changes have been made in recent years toward equality, there is still work to do. Read More

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Reuben Mayes

Rueben Mayes: The Inspiring Story of a Canadian Farm Boy Turned NFL Rookie of the Year

Rueben Mayes was born in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1963. Growing up on a rural farm, he developed a love for football at a young age and played high school football at North Battleford Comprehensive High School. Rueben credits his high school football coach, Don Hodgins, for helping him develop his skills and instilling a love for the game in him. Read More.

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Love Box

Foster Kids: How the Love Box and Dare To Dream Programs Bring Hope

In celebration of Foster Care Awareness Month, we are continuously highlighting our most important projects to support organizations that are …

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Building Realtionships

Building Relationships To Help Young People Achieve Their Full Potential

Relationships make the world go round. Exploring the concept of relationships can be overwhelming but in this article, we will …

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Foster Care Mom

Foster Care Grants Are Helping to Improve Child Welfare

Every day thousands of kids and young people suffer from abuse, neglect, or don’t have a safe place to call …

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Child Abuse Prevention Month: Building Community To Increase Protective Factors

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. This month, the Children’s Bureau in the Administration on Children, Youth, and Families …

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Girl Outdoors

Outdoor Activities for Kids and How to Get Active on Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, it is important to understand that children who play more outdoors develop a passion for nature and a sense to protect the environment. Read More.

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Kids at Schools

School Dropouts: How Communities in Schools of Spokane is Helping Kids

Education is a fundamental human right. It is the foundation that enables children and adolescents to grow, develop and gain …

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Imagination Playground

Creative Thinking: Inspiring Kids at Boys and Girls Club of Spokane

Believe in Me invests in Enrichment Programs, providing creative thinking opportunities for kids to use their imagination and see a new world full of possibilities. Learn More

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Enrichment Programs Grant Brings Playworks to Spokane

Enrichment Programs Grant Brings Playworks to Spokane

We believe in educational programs that engage, empower, and inspire struggling kids to believe their future. That’s why we support Playworks. Learn More.

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2022 Grant Awards Announcement

Ten Inland Northwest charities receive grant awards from Believe in Me to benefit marginalized children in 2022. A total of $134,306 has been granted to ten regional nonprofits from Believe in Me, a foundation for kids. [Read More]

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Volunteering: A New Year's Resolution

Volunteering: A New Year’s Resolution

It’s the New Year, and everyone is making resolutions. For many people volunteering is on their list of things to …

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Believe in Me - Being Grateful - Happy Thanksgiving

Being Grateful: 5 Ways to Teach Kids Gratitude During the Holidays

During this time of year, it is so important for us to slow down and remember to teach our children to understand what being thankful is all about. Read our [Blog] to learn 5 ways to teach kids gratitude during the holidays!

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Image of a great donor

The Best Donation! 5 ways to becoming a better donor

You’ve decided you want to start giving to your local charities. You are comfortable in your finances and want to …

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Name Change for Morning Star Foundation

Name Change for Morning Star Foundation

We’re Changing Our Name! To help the public distinguish between Morning Star Boys’ Ranch and Morning Star Foundation, Morning Star …

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Self Confidence – What’s the Magic Ingredient?

 Confidence breeds conviction, and without it, it isn’t easy to succeed. Confidence isn’t something that simply happens to us – …

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LGBT History Month - Picture of Two Young Lesbians

Why LGBT History Month Matters

The month of October is a prime time to honor and recognize the achievements and progress that have been made …

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Image of Girl Getting Bullied at School

National Stop Bullying Day – Bully Prevention & Intervention

No one should suffer from bullying. Use National Stop Bullying Day to stop bullies in their tracks!

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Image of a girl with her teddy doing schoolwork

National Bring Your Teddy to Work/School Day: Who Knew This Was a Thing?

Today is National Bring Your Teddy to Work/School Day. It may not be something you’ve heard of, but it’s an opportunity for you and your company to make a child’s day!

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Image of teacher with preschool students

YWCA Spokane: Providing Invaluable Support For Our Women and Children

The Young Women’s Christian Association of Spokane is an organization committed to social justice, gender equality, and youth support. Through …

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Young Girls Engaged with STEM Education

Why It’s So Important to Have Girls in STEM Education

What is International Day of Women and Girls in Science? Learn how STEM education is setting girls up for success.

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A family enjoying the great outdoors.

The Great Outdoors Just Got Greater: June Is “Great Outdoors Month”

Feeling cooped up? June is Great Outdoors Month, offering tons of exciting ways to explore and celebrate the beauty of nature.

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Believe in Me Charity Golf Tournament 2021

Charity Golf Tournament 2021

Now that I’ve had time to dig myself out of the bunker, I’d like to thank you for joining us …

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Invest in the Life of an LGBTQ Youth.

Coming Out: Learning to Love Ourselves

Growing up is hard enough without having to deal with the coming out process. Learn what it was like for one of our board members.

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Image of a Foster Family

Foster Care: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?

The American foster care system looks to provide children with supportive homes and adequate care. It is designed as a …

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National Child Abuse Awareness Month and New Ways You Can Help.

National Child Abuse Awareness Month

Make National Child Abuse Awareness Month count. Learn the facts about what’s happening in our community and all the ways that you can get involved.

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The Best Recipe for Emotional Intelligence in Kids.

Emotional Intelligence in Kids: The Best Recipe for Success

Did you ever wonder what role emotional intelligence plays in the success of a child? Learn what an impact this has on success for kids.

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Photo of girl with palette

Everything You Ever Need to Know about Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day is a fun way to get kids creating.

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National Motivation and Inspiration Day.

Motivating Kids on National Motivation and Inspiration Day

Motivating kids to be their best puts them on the fast track for success. Read our tips on how to inspire kids every day.

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kids planting trees

Volunteering: 4 Great Reasons to Get Involved

Whether you’re passionate about a cause, wanting to gain experience, or make new networking connections, volunteering just feels good.

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Homeless and Afraid - Helping Pregnant Girls Overcome Adversity.

Homeless Youth – Helping Pregnant Girls Overcome Adversity

Imagine what it’s like to be a homeless youth who is pregnant, frightened, and alone. Learn how your donations are helping these kids.

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Domestic Violence Awareness – Be the Difference

Domestic Violence Awareness is important, not only during the month of October, but all year long. Read our blog to learn how you can help.

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Believe in Me - Major Gifts

Major Gifts: What They Are and Why They’re Important

Major gifts are critical to the success of every nonprofit. Learn more about how a major gift donation makes a positive impact for kids.

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September is National Suicide Prevention Month - What You Need to Know.

Suicide Prevention – What You Need to Know All Year Long

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Learn how to identify the warning signs of a suicide attempt so you can help save a life.

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How to Celebrate Freedom From Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence: Celebrating Freedom from Abuse

Celebrating National Love is Kind Day. Understand the warning signs and break free from the cycle of domestic violence and abuse.

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Ponderosa Pine - Dishman Hills.

The Great Outdoors: Our Largest Classroom

Not all kids get the chance to explore the great outdoors. See how we’re helping these kids get outside and learn to love nature.

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Racism and Its Impact on Kids

Racism and Its Impact on Kids: Learn the Facts Now

Did you ever wonder how racism impacts the kids in our community? Learn how this widespread problem affects our children now.

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Non-Cash Donations: How They Help Kids

Nonprofits rely on non-cash donations to sustain their operations every day. Learn how you can help kids without any out-of-pocket expense.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Donating Your Retirement Fund to Charity.

Retirement Funds: Leaving Your Legacy to Charity

Many people are unaware that they can leave their retirement funds to a charity. Learn 5 reasons you may want to consider this option.

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kids exploring in woods

Emotional Intelligence Growth Using Art, Play, and Nature

Making art, playing with friends, and exploring outside aren’t just fun activities, but they’re also helping children develop emotional intelligence.

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