Embracing Empowerment: Believe in Me and FACT Oregon’s Visionary Partnership

A New Dawn for Youth with Disabilities

In a significant step towards empowering marginalized youth, Believe in Me, a beacon of hope and support for children, has awarded a grant to Family and Community Together (FACT Oregon). This generous grant is earmarked for FACT Oregon’s inspiring Trainings for Youth Self-Determination, Future Planning, and Financial Empowerment Program in 2024. It’s a moment of celebration, a promise of a brighter future, and a testament to the power of collaborative efforts in making a substantial difference in the lives of young people.

The Pillars of Change: Believe in Me

Believe in Me stands tall with its vision to empower every child to flourish with self-confidence and success. This organization isn’t just about assistance; it’s about igniting a transformative change in young lives. Diversity, inclusion, trustworthiness, innovation, and fairness aren’t just words for Believe in Me; they are the guiding principles, the very ethos that drives every initiative.

The Heart of the Mission: FACT Oregon


Enter FACT Oregon, a remarkable organization that champions a future where communities are not just accessible but inclusive, where the self-determination of people with disabilities is not just a hope but a reality. Their mission? To bring about disability equity and empower families and youth navigating disability, giving them the tools, knowledge, and confidence to thrive. FACT Oregon is not just serving; they are revolutionizing the way disability is navigated and perceived in Oregon.

FACT Oregon

Breaking Down Barriers: The Grant’s Impact

Imagine a world where youth with disabilities aren’t just living but leading their lives with self-assuredness and independence. That’s the world Believe in Me and FACT Oregon envision with this grant. By focusing on youth with disabilities and their families, this program is set to dismantle the barriers that often hinder self-determination. It’s not just about aid; it’s about equipping these young minds with the skills to navigate life’s complex tapestry.

The Essence of the Program

The Trainings for Youth Self-Determination Program is a masterclass in empowerment. Covering crucial areas like financial literacy, employment services, relationship management, and decision-making, the program is a comprehensive toolkit for life. The upcoming Transition to Adulthood Virtual Learning Summit and the Financial Empowerment series are just glimpses of the innovative approaches FACT Oregon is adopting to reach and uplift these young souls.

In Harmony with Believe in Me’s Pillar of Caring

This collaboration beautifully aligns with Believe in Me’s Education Pillar of Caring. It’s not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about nurturing self-esteem, fostering empowerment, and encouraging learning in a supportive environment. This program is a perfect embodiment of caring, not just in words but in actionable, life-changing ways.

A Synergistic Partnership

The partnership between Believe in Me and FACT Oregon is a symphony of shared goals and visions. It’s a collaboration that amplifies the impact, reaching out to more children, touching more lives, and making dreams a realistic possibility. It’s a partnership that resonates with the belief that together, we can create a world of difference.

Join the Movement: How You Can Help

This is more than a call to action; it’s an invitation to be part of something transformative. Your time, treasures, or talent can be the catalyst in a child’s life. Believe in Me and FACT Oregon invite you to be a part of this journey. Whether it’s through volunteering, donations, or simply spreading the word, every effort counts. It’s about being a part of a community that believes in the power of giving, the strength of support, and the magic of hope.

The Road Ahead

As we celebrate this partnership and the promise it holds, let us not forget that this is just the beginning. The journey ahead is long, but it’s filled with potential and possibilities. It’s a journey that Believe in Me and FACT Oregon are committed to, hand in hand, with unwavering dedication and unrelenting passion.


Together, we can turn challenges into triumphs, barriers into bridges, and dreams into realities. This grant is not just a financial contribution; it’s a beacon of hope, a testament to the power of collaboration, and a pledge to empower the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.


In the end, it’s about building a future where every child, regardless of their challenges, can stand tall, confident in their abilities, and assured of their place in the world. And with organizations like Believe in Me and FACT Oregon at the helm, this future is not just a distant dream; it’s a forthcoming reality.

Embracing Tomorrow, Today


As we embark on this exciting journey with Believe in Me and FACT Oregon, let’s remember that every small step counts. Every effort, every contribution, brings us closer to a world where disability is not a barrier but a unique perspective, where challenges are not roadblocks but stepping stones, and where every child has the opportunity to shine.


Discover the remarkable nonprofits we support on our website: Your time is a valuable asset, and we welcome your involvement, whether through volunteering, sharing this story to amplify their mission, or making thoughtful donations that play a crucial role in sustaining and expanding the positive impact on the lives of children in need. Join us in making a lasting difference!

FACT Oregon

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