Bridging Educational Inequities in the Foster Care System

In the battle against educational disparities within the foster care system, Believe in Me is taking a stand. It’s no secret that children in foster care often face disadvantages when it comes to their education, and these disadvantages can have long-lasting effects. Believe in Me is committed to providing comprehensive and equitable educational opportunities for all children, recognizing the importance of education in shaping their future success and social development.

The Alarming State of Education in the Foster Care System

The foster care system, designed to protect vulnerable children and youths, unfortunately falls short in many aspects, particularly in education:

  • On average, a foster youth in the United States moves three times a year and experiences five different placements before turning 21, disrupting their schooling.

  • Only half of all foster care youth graduate high school on time.

  • Merely 3% of foster youth attend college, compared to their non-foster peers who are more likely to pursue higher education.

  • 70% of current and former foster youth face homelessness within four years after aging out of the system.


Clearly, urgent action is needed to ensure that these young individuals have equal access to educational opportunities.

Embrace Washington

Bridging the Educational Gap for Foster Kids

To level the playing field for foster children, several strategies can make a difference:

  • Providing Educational Resources: Offering tutoring services and mentorship from professionals who understand their unique challenges can alter the trajectory of children in foster care.

  • Creating Educational Opportunities: Ensuring that foster youth have access to educational opportunities equal to or better than those of their peers is crucial. Collaboration with local schools and organizations can help establish meaningful programs for these young individuals.

  • Educating Caregivers: Educating those responsible for foster children is vital to understanding their needs and providing a nurturing environment that encourages educational success.

Addressing the Impact of Frequent Placements

Frequent foster care placements lead to school transfers, learning disruptions, and emotional instability. Embrace WA’s Education Program in Spokane, WA, aims to counter this issue. It provides one-on-one tutoring to children in foster care, helping them bridge educational gaps and reach grade-level proficiency.

Believe in Me’s Contribution

Believe in Me has contributed $15,250 to Embrace WA’s Education Program to combat educational inequities among foster kids. This program is designed to remove barriers to academic success and works in collaboration with various organizations to provide educational support services.

A Joint Vision for Success in 2023

Embrace Washington aims to provide educational tutoring to 35 students in foster care who are behind their peers in grade levels. They will collaborate with Sylvan Learning Center and Mathnasium to achieve this goal.

Embrace Washington Tutoring

Putting Love at the Heart of the Foster Care System

Believe In Me recognizes the importance of the human element in the foster care system and honors the foster families that step forward. Love plays a crucial role in the lives of these children, and it’s essential not to forget the real people behind the bureaucratic processes.

Building Self-Confidence for Success

Believe in Me’s ultimate goal is to create an equitable environment for all foster children, ensuring they have equal access to education and resources for successful lives. By offering tailored services, they aim to make a lasting impact on these young individuals and help them achieve their educational goals.

Join the Mission


Believe in Me invites you to join their mission of bridging the gap between foster care and education. Your support can make a significant difference in providing educational resources and long-term solutions for those in the system. Together, we can ensure that every child, regardless of their background, has access to opportunities for a bright future. Thank you for considering joining this journey towards positive change!

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