Grantee Spotlight: Boys & Girls Club of Spokane County

Collaboration is essential for crafting brighter futures and realizing children’s dreams. Today, we are delighted to cast a well-deserved spotlight on one of our most esteemed grantees, the Boys & Girls Club of Spokane County. Their tireless dedication to youth empowerment closely mirrors our mission at Believe in Me, making this partnership a testament to the power of collective efforts in driving meaningful change in the next generation’s lives.

Boys & Girls Club of Spokane County: A Beacon of Hope

The Boys & Girls Club of Spokane County is more than just an organization; it is a beacon of hope for countless young minds in the region. Their commitment to nurturing the potential of each child, regardless of their background or circumstances, resonates deeply with our core values at Believe in Me. Let’s delve deeper into their remarkable work and explore how our collaborative efforts leave an indelible mark on the lives of the youth they serve.

Keystone Enrichment Program

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Spokane County is making a significant impact through their Keystone Enrichment Program. This program serves as a lifeline for marginalized youth in the community, offering them crucial support and opportunities for personal development.

Adaptation Amid Challenges

2022 brought unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite facing adversity, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Spokane County demonstrated resilience. They adapted swiftly to the changing circumstances, collaborating with the Central Valley School District to launch the Keystone Enrichment Program. This proactive approach allowed them to support youth struggling with online learning during the pandemic.

Boys & Girls Club

Enriching Young Lives

The Keystone Enrichment Program strives to create a nurturing environment that improves the lives of its participants. While the program’s start was unconventional, it has remarkably impacted the youth it serves. Additional funding is sought to enhance the program’s offerings further to provide essential equipment and supplies. These resources will enable the program to offer diverse activities that promote self-esteem, academic success, and healthy lifestyles among participants.

Innovation for Holistic Development

 One notable innovation is the addition of a Behavioral Support Specialist to the team. This specialist is crucial in helping youth develop essential social and emotional skills. These skills are integrated into fun group activities, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to holistic development.

Measurable Impact with SMART Goals

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Spokane County has established SMART goals to ensure accountability and measure their impact. They aim to support 100 or more program participants. They will gauge progress through metrics such as youth attendance, member retention, behavioral incidents, surveys, and program evaluations.

Creating a Sense of Belonging: The Keystone Enrichment Program offers academic support and fosters a sense of community and belonging for marginalized youth. It embodies warmth, inclusivity, and friendship, aligning with Believe in Me’s commitment to creating safe and supportive childhood environments.

Believe in Me’s Support

Believe in Me is honored to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Spokane County’s Keystone Enrichment Program. We recognize their work’s importance in nurturing every child’s potential, irrespective of their circumstances. Through our grant, we have contributed $7,500 to this impactful program, helping them further their mission and enrich the lives of the youth they serve.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Believe in Me extends an invitation to all who are inspired by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Spokane County’s work. Together, we can create a brighter future for marginalized youth by helping them develop the self-confidence they need to succeed. Whether through financial contributions or local community involvement, your support can make a meaningful impact.


Let’s believe in these young individuals and empower them to believe in themselves, ensuring they have the opportunities and support they need to thrive.

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