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The Bridge Music Project

Jamming for Joy: Believe in Me’s $5,000 Grant Elevates The Bridge Music Project’s Songwriting Program!

Harmonizing Hope We are thrilled to announce our 2024 grant recipient, The Bridge Music Project, and their impact in empowering marginalized youth in their community. With a mission dedicated to equipping young individuals with the tools for self-expression and understanding through music, mentorship, and community engagement, The Bridge Music Project is not just addressing the

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Music Bridges Borders

Empowering Young Musicians Across Borders: A Harmonious Collaboration

The Symphony of Support: Believe in Me and Music Bridges Borders In the enchanting realm of music, where notes create bridges and melodies build connections, a heartwarming story of empowerment and cultural exchange unfolds. Believe in Me, a beacon of hope and nurturing for marginalized youth, has harmoniously joined forces with Music Bridges Borders (MBB)

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School-to-prison pipeline

Breaking the Chains: Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline

During National Youth Justice Awareness Month, we delve into the complex issue of the school-to-prison pipeline, its root causes, and how organizations like Believe in Me are making a difference. Introduction In the United States, the path from a school classroom to a prison cell is unfortunate for many young individuals, particularly those from marginalized

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Boys & Girls Club

Grantee Spotlight: Boys & Girls Club of Spokane County

Collaboration is essential for crafting brighter futures and realizing children’s dreams. Today, we are delighted to cast a well-deserved spotlight on one of our most esteemed grantees, the Boys & Girls Club of Spokane County. Their tireless dedication to youth empowerment closely mirrors our mission at Believe in Me, making this partnership a testament to

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Picture of Music Bridges Borders Participants 2023

Music Bridges Borders: A Journey of Harmony to Unite Cultures

In a world often defined by borders and divisions, there are remarkable initiatives that transcend these barriers and bring people together through the universal language of music. Music Bridges Borders (MBB) is one such nonprofit organization that has been making a profound impact for over a decade. Established by Elinor and Rick Reed eleven years

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Empowering Youth Through Play: Believe in Me’s Grant to Playworks

A Leap Forward in Child Development Great news for the community! Believe in Me is proud to announce our recent $6,000 grant to Playworks’ Keep Playing Program. This initiative marks a significant milestone in our mission to enrich and care for children’s development, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds. In this blog, we’re excited to share

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