Fueling Creativity: Believe in Me’s $5,000 Grant Boosts MoNA’s Initiatives for Underserved Youth

Nurturing Creativity and Empowerment in the Skagit Valley

In the heart of the Skagit Valley, the Museum of Northwest Art (MoNA) stands as a beacon of creativity and empowerment. Through innovative programs supported by organizations like Believe in Me, MoNA has made a tangible difference in the lives of underserved youth in the region. Let’s take a closer look at how MoNA’s initiatives – the Teen Art Club (TAC), Outside In Gallery (O/I), and Outreach Art Kits (AK) – are transforming communities and how a $5,000 grant from Believe in Me supports their innovative programs to uplift underserved youth in their community.

Museum of Northwest Art

Believe in Me: Fostering the Vision of Empowerment

With a vision to instill self-confidence and create opportunities for success, Believe in Me funds youth empowerment programs that offer a safe haven, a sense of community, and opportunities for growth and learning. Their unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusion ensures that every child, regardless of their background, has the chance to thrive.


In line with their mission, Believe in Me recognized the transformative potential of MoNA’s initiatives and awarded them a grant of $5,000. This support has fueled MoNA’s efforts to empower youth through art and creativity.

Museum of Northwest Art

Teen Art Club: Nurturing Creativity and Leadership

The Teen Art Club, a cornerstone of MoNA’s efforts, allows adolescents in grades 6 to 12 to explore their creative potential. Teens meet twice a month and receive art instruction, materials, and snacks. Its teen-led structure sets Teen Art Club apart, allowing participants to express themselves and take ownership of their artistic journey. Through TAC, youth develop their creative skills and build confidence and leadership qualities, which are vital for navigating the challenges of adolescence.

Outside-In Gallery: Bringing Art to the Community

MoNA’s Outside In Gallery breaks down the barriers between art and the community, showcasing the works of underserved youth in museum-quality exhibitions. These exhibitions, curated in collaboration with partner organizations, address various themes, from cultural identity to trauma and resilience. By amplifying the voices of marginalized youth, the Outside-In Gallery fosters a sense of belonging and pride within the community while providing a platform for creative expression.

“The Believe in Me Grant will be transformative as it will allow MoNA to share the power of art with more than 1,000 youth in the coming year! This grant will fund Educational Outreach through the Art Kits we distribute in collaboration with partner organizations in our community and through “in-reach,” which brings underserved youth into MoNA through Teen Art Club and amplifies their voices through Outside In Exhibitions and associated educational programming!”
Ellie Cross
Director of Education, Museum of Northwest Art
Museum of Northwest Art

Outreach Art Kits: Making Art Accessible

Recognizing that not all youth have access to art experiences, MoNA’s Outreach Art Kits initiative aims to bridge this gap. With 450 art kits distributed to various community organizations, including Boys & Girls Clubs and domestic violence services, this program ensures every child can engage with art. These kits provide artistic tools and symbolize support and encouragement for marginalized youth, fostering a sense of belonging and agency.

Innovation and Collaboration: Building Stronger Communities

MoNA’s impact extends beyond its programs, thanks to its innovative approach and collaborative partnerships. By working with organizations like Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and Skagit Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services, MoNA amplifies the voices of underserved youth and creates meaningful connections within the community. Whether through the Teen Art Club’s focus on empowerment or the Outside-In Gallery’s collaborations with partner organizations, MoNA exemplifies the power of collective action in creating positive change.

Art for Empowerment: A Path to Success

MoNA’s initiatives supported by Believe in Me are not just about art but empowerment. By providing a space for creativity, nurturing leadership skills, and amplifying marginalized voices, MoNA is laying the foundation for a brighter future for youth in the Skagit Valley. As we continue to support organizations like MoNA and Believe in Me, we are investing in the potential of every child to succeed, regardless of their background or circumstances.


Explore the incredible nonprofits we support on our website: We understand the value of your time and appreciate any contribution, be it through volunteering, spreading the word to amplify their cause, or making donations that are pivotal in maintaining and broadening the positive influence on the lives of underprivileged children. Join us in creating a lasting impact!


Museum of Northwest Art

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