Believe in Me Grants $5000 to ParaSport Spokane: Transforming Lives with Adaptive Sports

Believe in Me Empowers ParaSport Spokane: 2024 Grant Recipient

In the spirit of empowerment and community, Believe in Me proudly announces ParaSport Spokane as one of the recipients of our 2024 grants. At Believe in Me, our vision revolves around empowering all children to develop the self-confidence they need to succeed. Through the generosity of our supporters, we fund youth empowerment programs that provide marginalized kids with a safe haven, a loving family, a sense of community, and opportunities for learning, building self-esteem, and having fun. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is unwavering, and we strive to create a nurturing space that celebrates individuality.

ParaSport Spokane: Catalyzing Success through Adaptive Sports


ParaSport Spokane shares a similar vision – to create a world where people with physical disabilities can experience the joy of movement, activity, community, and sport. With integrity, ParaSport Spokane is dedicated to providing training, recreational, and competitive opportunities for youth and adults with physical disabilities. Their mission is to promote success, self-worth, and independence through adaptive sports, acting as a catalyst for life.

ParaSport Spokane

ParaSport Spokane’s Inclusive Reach and Impact

Most ParaSport Spokane’s athletes reside in the Washington and Northern Idaho areas. However, their inclusive approach extends to serving athletes from Oregon, Montana, and Alaska, where limited or no programs are available for individuals with physical disabilities. The marginalized youth population they serve often experiences physical and visual disabilities, trauma, single-parent households, and reside in higher-crime areas, leading to feelings of isolation in schools and communities.

Redefining Victory Through Adaptive Sports


ParaSport Spokane’s wheelchair basketball and track and field programs provide recreational and competitive opportunities for youth with physical disabilities and visual impairments. These programs aim to break down stereotypes and empower youth to explore their passions, rewriting the narrative many identify with – that they are not “athletic” or “good at sports.” Participants embark on a transformative journey through adapted sports, learning essential life skills such as time management and problem-solving while forming lifelong friendships.

“It is extremely heartwarming to have more people in this community to truly “see”, embrace, and support our youth with disabilities. To know that Believe in Me aligns so closely with us, and so many other amazing organizations that are working toward building up all the beautiful youth in our region, is overwhelming and inspiring!”
Teresa Skinner
Executive Director, ParaSport Spokane
ParaSport Spokane

Community Unity Through Adaptive Sports

The grant awarded to ParaSport Spokane will play a pivotal role in addressing the community problem of limited recreational and sports opportunities for youth with physical disabilities or visual impairments. ParaSport Spokane is the sole program in Spokane that offers year-round adaptive sports and profoundly impacts these individuals’ lives. Through sport, ParaSport Spokane becomes a catalyst for positive change, improving participants’ physical and mental health and paving the way for their success.

Believe in Me Empowers ParaSport Spokane: A $5000 Grant for Transformative Impact


Believe in Me is honored to support ParaSport Spokane’s mission to create a world where everyone, regardless of physical ability, can experience the joy of sports and community. The $5000 grant will undoubtedly contribute to expanding and enhancing ParaSport Spokane’s programs, fostering empowerment, inclusivity, and self-discovery among the youth they serve. As we continue our journey to empower children and build stronger communities, ParaSport Spokane stands as a beacon of inspiration and resilience, embodying the transformative power of adaptive sports.

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