Harmonizing Hearts: Melodic Caring Project’s $10,000 Boost from Believe in Me

Notes of Comfort

In a world where the challenges of illness can often lead to feelings of isolation and overwhelm, Melodic Caring Project emerges as a beacon of hope, connection, and healing through the transformative power of music. Their innovative approach to supporting children battling illness, particularly those isolated in hospitals or home care, has garnered widespread acclaim and admiration. As a proud supporter of Melodic Caring Project, Believe in Me is thrilled to announce our grant award of $10,000 towards their rockSTAR Song Request + Livestream Performances Program.

Believe in Me: Empowering Youth, Building Communities

Believe in Me shares a parallel ethos to Melodic Caring Project, centering on empowering marginalized youth. Our vision is to empower all children to develop their self-confidence to succeed. Rooted in this vision is our mission to fund youth empowerment programs that provide marginalized kids with a safe haven, a sense of family, a supportive community, opportunities for growth, self-esteem building, and fun.


At Believe in Me, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are not just ideals but fundamental principles guiding our work. We believe in creating spaces that radiate warmth, inclusivity, and friendship, where every child can confidently explore their potential, regardless of background or circumstance. Our commitment to equal opportunities and nurturing environments is unwavering as we strive to create pathways for meaningful growth and the realization of personal potential for all

Melodic Caring Project
Melodic Caring Project

“Thank you so much MCP! The love and support that I have received these past two weeks has been so unbelievably helpful. Instead of crying everyday I feel like I'm ready to move forward. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents with me during this difficult time. All my blessings to you and your loved ones!”

Melodic Caring Project: Healing Through Music

Enter the Melodic Caring Project, an organization whose mission perfectly aligns with ours. Founded on the belief that music has the transformative power to bring love, encouragement, and healing to those in need, Melodic Caring Project has made a tangible difference in the lives of children battling illness since its inception.

The cornerstone of Melodic Caring Project’s work lies in their rockSTAR Song Request program. This innovative initiative is the entry point for children to join the Melodic Caring Project family. When children are isolated and undergoing intensive medical care, often far from the familiarity of home and loved ones, the rockSTAR Song Request program brings joy and hope into their lives. Melodic Caring Project’s rockologists connect directly with young patients through personalized music videos explicitly created for each child, offering comfort, solace, and companionship. The impact of these gestures is profound, with measurable improvements in emotional well-being, reduced feelings of isolation, increased resilience, and improved mood reported by both patients and medical staff.


But Melodic Caring Project’s support doesn’t end there. Through their Livestream Performances Program, Melodic Caring Project partners with major artists to stream live performances directly to patients. During these shows, artists dedicate songs and send shout-outs to individual patients, making them the true rockSTARS of the event. The outpouring of love and support from thousands of fans not only uplifts the spirits of the young patients but also creates a sense of community and belonging that transcends the confines of the hospital walls.


What sets Melodic Caring Project apart is their holistic approach to healing. By combining personal interactions with broader community involvement, Melodic Caring Project creates a sense of belonging that has tangible health impacts. The relief from loneliness and the boost in morale derived from this communal support are invaluable components of the healing process for these children.

Melodic Caring Project
“The support the Melodic Caring Project receives from Believe In Me is far more than financial, it's mission alignment and empowerment at the deepest level. This year BIM will allow MCP to provide critical support and connection to hundreds of kids when they are in their darkest moments. These personal messages of encouragement will alleviate feelings of isolation and anxiety providing hope and joy when kids need it most.”
Levi Ware
President/Co-Founder, Melodic Caring Project

Impact and Goals

The impact of Melodic Caring Project’s programs is evident in the numbers. Throughout 2022-2023, their rockSTAR Song Request team responded to 763 song requests, representing a nearly 100% increase from the previous year. With new team members and improved efficiency measures, Melodic Caring Project aims to maintain this high level of service while enhancing impact-tracking systems in the upcoming year. Moreover, their Livestream Performances Program reached 2,944 rockSTARS, their family members, and an audience of 26,479. Anticipating continued growth and expansion, Melodic Caring Project aims for a 20% increase in impact, reaching an estimated 3,500 rockSTARS and 31,775 audience members in the coming year.

Illuminating Paths of Hope and Healing

Organizations like the Melodic Caring Project shine brightly as beacons of hope and healing in a world often overshadowed by pain and uncertainty. Through their unwavering dedication, innovative programs, and steadfast commitment to making a difference, Melodic Caring Project has touched the lives of countless children battling illness, offering them comfort, companionship, and the transformative power of music. As a proud supporter of Melodic Caring Project, Believe in Me is honored to play a small part in their remarkable journey towards empowering hope and healing, one song at a time. We stand united in our mission to empower youth, build communities, and spread love and healing to those who need it most.


Explore the extraordinary nonprofits we champion on our website: We understand the value of your time and extend an invitation for your engagement, whether through volunteering, sharing their stories to amplify their mission, or contributing thoughtful donations. Your involvement plays a pivotal role in sustaining and broadening the positive impact on the lives of children in need. Together, let’s make a lasting difference!

Melodic Caring Project

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