Introducing Board of Directors: John Reznicek

This blog series lets you know the people behind Believe in Me! We deep dive into stories, like the one about John Reznicek, to learn how they’ve connected with our cause and are helping marginalized youth to succeed. You can form a unique connection with this exceptional team by learning more about our leadership, resilience, and knowledge.

A Warm Welcome to John Reznicek, Our Newest Board Member

In this blog, we’re pleased to introduce John Reznicek, the latest addition to our Board of Directors. Currently, he works at Alliance Door Products, where he is Director of Sales – a position centralized around providing dynamic sales solutions for success-driven enterprises looking for quality products. With such expertise onboard, we anticipate great things, both now and in the future!

John’s journey is inspiring – from the tales of his childhood to joining a group dedicated to making our society a better place for everyone, he has accomplished so much. It was indeed an honor hearing about all that he went through and achieved along the way.

Transitional Living – A Safe Place to Call Home

Believe in Me: Did you have a safe place to call home growing up?

John Reznicek: Yes. I was lucky enough to have a safe place to call home when I was younger. My mom took care of my sister and me while my dad was working, so I had the opportunity to learn all the values and the best things from them.

Believe in Me: Do you speak any other languages?

John Reznicek: I speak Swiss. I’m originally from there, but my dad is American and decided it would be good for us to live in the country where he was born. So we took our bags and moved to the USA when I was 13.

Believe in Me: What’s your happy place?

John Reznicek: My happy place is the Oregon Coast. It always brings me good memories and good feelings. I love to see my kids running by the ocean, enjoying the sand. I also become a child there; I build substantial sand castles, run around with them, and live in the moment.

Foster Care and Adoption – A Family That Loves Them

Believe in Me: Who are the people that you call family?

John Reznicek: My immediate family is my mom, my dad, my wife, our kids, my sister, and her family. With time, I call the family the friends who have been there for me in the sound and not-so-good times. And my coworkers feel like family too. After spending most of my day and my weekdays with them, I realize you care about them and want the best for them. 

Believe in Me: What did you want to be as a kid?

John Reznicek: I wanted to be a doctor. As a teenager, I was passionate about learning more about the human body and how it works, and I also love to help people, so becoming a doctor was the best way to satisfy both passions.

Believe in Me: What important lesson(s) did you learn from your parents/teachers/coaches?

John Reznicek: My dad taught me I can do everything. He is a fantastic handyman, and I often didn’t believe I could do things like him. From fixing a vacuum to building and improving my house, I learned I could understand, build, and create. Whenever I think, “I can’t do that,” I remember my dad’s words, and I start working to make it happen.

Wraparound Services – A Feeling of Community

Believe in Me: What role have your friends played in your life?

John Reznicek: Something I appreciate about my friends is that we don’t have to talk daily to know we are there for each other. Six months ago, we had a challenging time, and without expecting anything, all the people I have always considered friends were there for me, supporting, listening to, and giving us strength. Friendship is something that is forever. 

Believe in Me: What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

John Reznicek: To be with my family. My family is the most precious thing in my life. I love to spend time with them. 

Education – Opportunities to Learn

Believe in Me: Did you face any challenges throughout your education?

John Reznicek: When I moved to the USA, my sister and I didn’t speak English. So when we start school, we had the challenge of learning a new language and adapting to a new culture. The year went by, and I’m proud to say I learned the language fast, but it was time to start my college degree. I started the first semester, and I liked what I was studying. However, our finances were insufficient to cover my education, so I had to stop looking and start working.

Enrichment – Build Self-esteem and Have Fun

Believe in Me: What sport(s) and positions did you play growing up?

John Reznicek: I used to play soccer in Switzerland, but once I moved to the USA, I started playing golf and baseball. 

Believe in Me: What is the most exciting adventure you have been on?

John Reznicek: Moving to the United States. The day we were flying cross-continent was Christmas night; for people in Swiss, Christmas night is an important celebration, and it’s also the time we open presents! So we were on the airplane, at midnight, crossing over the Arctic Ocean, changing our lives completely, but also, we were together opening Christmas presents. That was a fantastic experience.

John’s Believe in Me story

Believe in Me: Who is the person who believed in you? Who is your hero?

John Reznicek: My parents believed in me; they taught me the values and the things I know to help me become who I am. Each of them, with their qualities, gave me precious things to build myself, and I’m always thankful for that. 

Believe in Me: What words describe what you are most grateful for?

John Reznicek: Family and friends.

About John’s Involvement on the Board of Directors

Believe in Me: What experience do you have related to our mission?

John Reznicek: This is my first time involved in a nonprofit. However, all my life, I loved to help the people around me. And I found this experience a way to extend my wish to help the community and support those who need it most.

We are humbled and proud that John has joined our Board of Directors and is now a part of the team. His insights and knowledge will support our mission to provide extraordinary experiences for the children we serve. With his passion, drive, and unrelenting dedication he is certain to be a key asset in driving success in everything we do. Through his inspiring story, we can already see how great potential lies within all of us if we never give up on ourselves and always pursue what sparks joy in our hearts no matter how hard the journey may seem. Congratulations, John – we know you’ll bring impactful growth in every direction!

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