New Resolutions: Let 2023 Be The Year That You Make An Impact On Your Community and Beyond!

Can’t believe is almost 2023. Now we are experiencing the holiday rush for presents, gatherings with family and friends, vacations, and other activities. However, the end of the year is also an opportunity to pause, and reflect, and if you are prone to making resolutions, then now is the time to start your 2023 Resolutions Plan. 

If your resolutions include ways to get more involved in the community, support good causes, and change the lives of thousands of kids in Washington, Oregon, and Northern Idaho; you might find some information in this blog as you develop that plan.

The History Behind the New Resolutions Traditions

It is safe to say this tradition has come quite far since its beginnings in ancient Babylonia! Nearly 4,000 years ago the Babylonians were among the first to recognize a new year with festivities and resolutions. During their 12-day festival of Akitu, they declared loyalty to their king and made promises – much like modern-day New Year’s resolutions. If kept true, these vows would be rewarded by favor; if broken one risked being cursed for that coming year. 

Though this annual tradition has religious roots that date back thousands of years, modern New Year’s resolutions have become a largely secular practice focused solely on self-improvement! Despite what may feel like an uphill battle at times, millions will continue striving towards their newly set resolutions because traditions from long ago prove you can never stop aiming higher.

Volunteer As A Way To Give Back To The Community

One of the best ways to give back to your community is by volunteering. Believe in Me offers many opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds, so everyone can find a volunteer opportunity that matches their interests and skills. In addition, other benefits include a flexible schedule, remote and in-person options, and great ways to network. 

Volunteer opportunities are widely available including events, marketing, IT & security, finance & investments, and even becoming part of our Board of Directors. If you need more reasons to put volunteering on your list read the blog “Volunteering: A New Year’s Resolution”. Consider, applying as a volunteer HERE if this is part of your plan. 

Donations Make The Difference For Marginalized Kids

Another great way to make a difference in 2023 is by donating. Believe in Me offers several donation opportunities:

  1. Individual Donations: Make a small one-time or recurring donation through Text at “BELIEVEINME” to 44-321, the donation form on our website, via mail, or in-person to 510 W Riverside Ave, Ste 201, Spokane, WA, 99201.
  2. Major Giving: Make a large one-time or recurring donation (at least $5,000/year).
  3. Planned Giving: Provide income to donors via charitable trusts and/or annuities.
  4. QCD: If you are 70 1/2 years old or older, your qualified charitable distribution can count towards your required minimum distribution!
  5. Charitable Bequest: Establish funding through your living will or documented estate plan.
  6. Non-cash Donation: Donate goods, services, or time instead of monetary funding.
  7. Celebrate your birthday by creating and sharing a fundraiser for Believe in Me. Facebook is one tool to use to do this. Feel free to call the Development Office at Believe in Me to discuss other possible routes to assure the money you raise will go directly to the Foundation.

In addition, let me take this opportunity to thank our current donors, volunteers, and Sponsors that supported us in 2022. Our work cannot be completed without your dedication and commitment.

Participate in Friendraising and Fundraising Events

In 2023, Believe in Me will hold more Fundraising Events than ever before. Via these events, we are extending our reach to everyone’s preferences, and with a variety of dates throughout the year.

  1. Monthly Legacy Lounge Meeting for you to learn about the Foundation and how to support marginalized kids in our community.
  2. If you’re looking for an event that supports the LGBTQ+ community, the Drag Beauty Pageant event held on March 4, 2023, is perfect for you! 
  3. Maybe March is too cold for you, and you prefer something more outdoorsy, then the Kentucky Derby event on May 6, 2023, will be your perfect match.
  4. For golf lovers, we are celebrating our 3rd annual Believe in Me Charity Golf Tournament with two rounds on June 9, 2023. 
  5. However, if you are looking for the perfect plan for a family weekend, you should take a look at our 0.5K Brat Trot on September 17, 2023, and bring everyone with you for an Oktoberfest/race celebration. 
  6. Finally, and to celebrate the beginning of the next year’s Holidays and in case you miss the event this year, get ready for another round of Gingerbread House Decorating activity in December.

To learn more about every event, keep tuned on our events page and get ready to register! You can participate in these events as an attendee, as a volunteer, or as a sponsor and obtain great benefits.

Spread the Word Online and With Your Friends

Take advantage of social media to spread awareness and bring attention to good causes. Share stories about people making a difference, promote our fundraisers and charity events and use hashtags #Believeinme on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. If you are not a social media user, talk with friends, neighbors, and co-workers. All of them are good options to spread the message of Believe in Me and our vision to help every kid develop the self-confidence they need to succeed.

What about you? What other resolutions do you have on your list? Get involved and make a difference in the community with Believe in Me. Let me take this opportunity to thank our current donors, volunteers, Board Members, and Sponsors that supported us in 2022. Our work cannot be completed without your dedication and commitment. We hope to see you soon. Together we make a difference. Happy 2023!

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