Believe in Me is Awarding $50,000 in Scholarship Funds: The Future is Yours!

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On February 15, we were pleased to announce the Believe in Me Scholarship launch. We are excited to share that we will award marginalized students $50,000 in scholarship funds in the upcoming school year.

The Believe in Me Academic Scholarship Program is open to marginalized students in Washington State and N. Idaho who can demonstrate leadership, grit, and perseverance on their pathways toward educational success. The program is available to first-generation, post-secondary education-seeking individuals, including current students and individuals who have already earned their high school diploma or GED and are planning to enroll at an accredited higher learning institution.

Let’s dig deeper into the scholarship world and the requirements and get encouraged to apply or share this information with anyone needing it. 

Understanding the Meaning of Scholarships

Scholarships are a fantastic way to lighten the financial load during college, and there’s a scholarship out there for everyone! Merit-based scholarships reward those students who have achieved or demonstrated excellence academically. Need-based ones assist those with economic needs due to their education expenses such as tuition, books, room/board fees, etc. The foundation sets the criteria for recipient selection, and based on your profile, we define how the money is to be applied.

We award scholarships based on several factors. These factors include academic achievement, departmental and community involvement, employment experience, areas of study, and financial needs. Please keep reading to learn more about the program and our eligibility criteria.

You’re Closer than You Think! What Criteria Do You Need to Meet to Apply?

This scholarship program is ideal for students who can eloquently demonstrate grit and determination in overcoming adversity. We acknowledge and reward those who have already contributed to their community through extracurricular activities, work, and religious and volunteer activities. 

Successful applicants will meet the following criteria:

  • First-generation, post-secondary education-seeking individuals
  • Students attending school in Washington State or N. Idaho
  • Pursuing an education at a two-year college, four-year college or university, independent private career school, or trade school
  • 2.75 cumulative GPA in high school or a GED
  • Can demonstrate leadership, grit, and perseverance
  • Belong to any of the following marginalized groups.
    • American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian, African American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian, and Other Pacific Islanders, Multi-race, Immigrant Families
    • Living in a household below the poverty line, experiencing food insecurity, or without housing
    • Adopted, aged out of the foster care system, living in foster care, or wards of the state
    • Students living with a disability, mental health issues, substance abuse disorder
    • Students with incarcerated parents, unemployed parents, parents who did not graduate from high school or did not attend college
    • Students of differing sexual orientation or gender identity
    • Pregnant teens and single-parent students
    • Students experiencing domestic violence, abuse, or trauma; and survivors of human trafficking.
  • Able to provide recommendations from two community references
  • Involvement in extracurricular activities, work, religious, or volunteer activities

What Makes Us Different: We Believe in Opportunities, We Believe in Your Potential

Our scholarship program empowers marginalized students on their pathways toward educational success. Our program goal is to give them access to quality education and to invest in their future. We are committed to helping students achieve their dreams and to unlock their potential. This scholarship opportunity is open to anyone seeking higher education, regardless of age or time off. However, we will prioritize youth and young adults who meet our eligibility requirements. 

Unlike many other scholarship programs, this opportunity allows students with lower GPAs and test scores to pursue their academic dreams. Scholarship winners will emphasize their character, personal merit, career goals, and background.

How can I learn more about the scholarship?

We encourage you to review our scholarship website to bring those interested up to speed. You can find more information about the scholarships, deadlines, and FAQs there. In addition, we recorded an informative session on February 17 that you can access HERE to help you learn more and answer any questions you have left.

Spread the word! 

If you know a first-generation high school or college student or a young adult seeking post-secondary education who needs funding to pursue their dreams, please share this opportunity with them as soon as possible. We’ve attached an informational flyer HERE for you to print out or forward to students interested in applying. We want to give them every chance to succeed!

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