How Believe in Me Used the Seattle Kraken’s Inaugural Season to Expand Their Reach

Believe in Me’s 2021 Kraken Hockey Games were a unique and exciting opportunity for the organization to build relationships and create shared memories with donors, volunteers, and friends. As a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting marginalized youth, Believe in Me saw the Seattle Kraken’s inaugural season as a chance to expand its reach and impact.

A Unique Opportunity at Climate Pledge Arena

Believe in Me partnered with Billy Thompson and Mike Hightower to purchase 22 Seattle Kraken Home games for the 2021 season. This allowed them to host volunteers, donors, and friends at the Moet Chandon Imperial Loung on the club level, offering an all-you-can-eat buffet with white-glove service. The luxurious setting provided the perfect atmosphere for building connections and sharing the organization’s mission with those who care about marginalized youth.

From Luxury to Philanthropy: Believe in Me and Kraken Hockey

The Seattle Kraken’s home games were held at the brand-new Climate Pledge Arena, which added to the excitement and buzz surrounding the team’s debut season. Believe in Me recognized the unique opportunity the Kraken games presented and used them to raise awareness and support for their cause.

Our Mission Supporting Marginalized Youth

Believe in Me’s mission is to support marginalized youth and help them overcome their challenges. By partnering with the Seattle Kraken and hosting events at their games, the organization was able to reach a wider audience and garner more support for its cause. The Kraken games were an excellent opportunity for Believe in Me to connect with potential donors and volunteers in the Seattle area.

Building Relationships Through Shared Experiences

Beyond the all-you-can-eat buffet and luxurious setting, the Kraken games were an exciting and entertaining experience for everyone involved. The games allowed Believe in Me’s guests to create shared memories and stories, an essential aspect of the organization’s mission. Building relationships through shared experiences is crucial in Believe in Me’s approach to supporting marginalized youth.

Plan to Expand Their Impact in Western Washington

Believe in Me’s presence at the Kraken games was just the beginning of the organization’s plan to expand its impact in western Washington. The organization hopes to create more opportunities to support nonprofits that work with marginalized youth by building relationships with donors and volunteers in the Seattle area.

Experience Luxury and Support a Cause

In conclusion, Believe in Me’s 2021 Kraken Hockey Games were hugely successful. The organization was able to build relationships, share its mission, and create shared memories with donors, volunteers, and friends. The Kraken games provided Believe in Me a unique and exciting opportunity to expand its reach and impact in Seattle. The organization’s presence at the games began its plan to grow in western Washington and support nonprofits that help marginalized youth.

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