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WSU Football

Believe in Me Champions Education and Athletics During the 2023 Washington State University (WSU) Football Season

Believe in Me, a dedicated organization committed to aiding students in secondary education, proudly continued its support for student-athletes in 2023. This year, we intensified our efforts by not only contributing to Washington schools’ athletic funds but also by actively participating in the Washington State University (WSU) football season. We secured season tickets for all

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A Place to Call Home

Bridging Beauty and Compassion with Mystique and Believe in Me

Beauty, Compassion, and Community: Mystique’s Support of Believe in Me In the heart of Coeur d’Alene, there’s a place where beauty meets compassion, and style intertwines with a commitment to community. Mystique, a beacon of elegance and goodwill, has been more than just a haven for pampering and rejuvenation. They have become steadfast supporters of

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Picture of Music Bridges Borders Participants 2023

Music Bridges Borders: A Journey of Harmony to Unite Cultures

In a world often defined by borders and divisions, there are remarkable initiatives that transcend these barriers and bring people together through the universal language of music. Music Bridges Borders (MBB) is one such nonprofit organization that has been making a profound impact for over a decade. Established by Elinor and Rick Reed eleven years

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Spokane Hoopfest 2023

Hoopfest: Celebrating Basketball, Community, and Empowerment

During the last weekend in June, the vibrant city of Spokane, Washington, was filled with the rhythmic sounds of basketballs bouncing and the exhilarating cheers of passionate fans. Basketball enthusiasts from all walks of life gathered downtown for Hoopfest, the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world. The event showcased the incredible spirit of competition,

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