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Baby at the Gala

The Gala Event We Were Waiting For: Tomorrow Never Dies

On Friday October 7, over 350 attendees gathered together at the Davenport Grand Hotel  to raise funds to support marginalized kids in our community for Believe In Me’s Charity Gala – Tomorrow Never Dies. From Orphan To Secret Agent – Attendees To Heroes This first Believe in Me Gala event was inspired by the British

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Charity Golf Tournament 2022

Believe in Me raises money to invest in programs that support marginalized kids in the Inland Northwest. One of the many ways we raise money is through fundraising events that are designed to raise awareness and support our mission. Last year, for example, Believe in Me celebrated our 1st annual golf tournament and it was a

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Believe in Me Charity Golf Tournament 2021

Charity Golf Tournament 2021

Now that I’ve had time to dig myself out of the bunker, I’d like to thank you for joining us for our first annual Believe in Me Charity Golf Tournament. Thanks to all 128 golfers, 18 corporate sponsors, and 22 volunteers, it was a huge success. Not only was it a terrific day to be

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