Empowering Dreams Together: Believe in Me and Palouse Pathways’ Journey Towards Educational Empowerment

Fostering Confidence and Success: Our Commitment in Action

At Believe in Me, our focus is clear and purposeful. We believe in a fundamental principle: every child deserves to grow up confidently and succeed. Driven by the generosity of our supporters, we focus on funding impactful programs that offer marginalized youth a safe haven and a place to thrive. This year, we are excited to spotlight Palouse Pathways, our 2024 grant awardee, who has received $5,000 to champion their College within Reach program. This initiative aligns perfectly with our ethos, highlighting our joint commitment to providing equal educational opportunities and empowering the youth.

Palouse Pathways

The Mission and Impact of Palouse Pathways

Palouse Pathways, birthed from the collaborative efforts of educators, parents, and community members, echoes our commitment to empowering the youth. Since 2013, their mission has been a guiding light in helping families navigate the journey beyond high school, offering resources and support for college and career planning. Their College within Reach program is a testament to our shared values. It aims to dismantle barriers for rural, low-income, and first-generation college students through direct, in-person assistance in financial literacy and college application processes.

“ Over the years of working with students and families one of our greatest concerns has been that those who could most use college and career support and resources are the least likely to have access to them. We are so excited to collaborate with Believe in Me to see if we can crack some of those barriers to access and find ways to engage students and families in the places and the ways that will have the most impact. We expect to learn a lot as we share information! We are happy to partner with Believe in Me to help provide one piece of the puzzle in holistic support of low income students needs: hope and a plan for a sustainable future."
Peggy Jenkins
Founding Director, Palouse Pathways
Palouse Pathways

A Symbiotic Relationship in Empowerment

The synergy between Believe in Me and Palouse Pathways is evident in the strategic approach of the College within Reach program. By hosting events in areas like Pullman and Lapwai, the program brings essential resources, such as FAFSA completion guidance and scholarship marathons, directly to the families who need them the most. The use of our grant extends beyond monetary support; it is an investment in future generations. The funds are crucial for program outreach, covering expenses like room rentals, travel for volunteers, speaker fees, and promotional materials, all essential for making these transformative events possible.


Collaborative Innovation and Goal-Oriented Success

Innovatively, Palouse Pathways will take resources to families, ensuring that those most in need are reached, especially in communities with limited digital access. This approach is harmonious with our vision at Believe in Me, where we strive to create spaces of warmth and inclusivity. Collaboration with local schools, community organizations, and tribal education departments is crucial for identifying and supporting families in need, embodying our belief in community-based empowerment. The program’s goals are ambitious yet achievable: to increase attendance at financial planning events, improve FAFSA completion rates, and ensure participants complete more college and scholarship applications. Notably, the focus is on assisting at least 50 families, half of which are low-income, thereby significantly impacting the community and aligning with our mission to uplift marginalized youth.

Palouse Pathways

Uniting for a Brighter Future: Our Collective Impact

The partnership between Believe in Me and Palouse Pathways represents more than a financial grant; it’s a union of shared values and visions. By supporting the College within Reach program, we are not just endorsing an educational initiative; we are nurturing dreams, fostering potential, and building a future where children from all walks of life have the opportunity to thrive. This collaboration is a powerful example of how unity in mission and purpose can create meaningful change, lighting the path toward a brighter, more inclusive future for every child we reach.


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