2022 Volunteer Spotlight: Julia Parmann

Julia Parmann was more than just a volunteer; she was a vibrant and passionate person who left a lasting impact on those around her. As a Believe in Me volunteer, we were very saddened to learn that she passed away shortly after our  2022 golf tournament, but her legacy lives on through her work with the Blazen Divaz. 

Julia founded the Blazen Divaz dance group, where she encouraged women of all abilities to come together and perform for the Inland Northwest community. She led her dance group to volunteer at the 2022 Believe in Me Charity Golf Tournament, where she skillfully managed the registration and check-in process for 250 golfers at the 7:30 am and 1:30 pm scramble tournaments. She was a natural leader who immediately took charge and was instrumental in helping streamline the often-chaotic process. 

Celebrating the Life of Julia

Julia’s commitment to giving back to her community was a core value extending well beyond her volunteer work with Believe in Me. She deeply loved parades and had been involved in them since she was a child. She continued to work on choreography and details of the Coeur d’Alene Downtown Association’s Lighting Ceremony Parade until the day she passed away. 

Unsung Hero: Julia and her Remarkable Passion for Caring

Julia was a tireless worker who was dedicated to making each celebration better than the last. She was also a humble person who never took credit for her accomplishments and always praised her Divaz for their work and dedication. She made special accommodations for Divaz with vision or hearing impairments and those with financial hardships so that everyone who wanted to could participate.

Julia’s Legacy Continues

Despite the loss of Julia, the Blazen Divaz will continue to bring light and joy to their community. They will honor Julia’s memory by incorporating special choreography into their Christmas parade routine and proudly wearing photo buttons with Julia’s picture. The Divaz has been practicing in rain, wind, and snow, and their precision performance will be highly illuminated, just as Julia would have wanted.

Carrying on Julia’s Mission

Julia’s husband, John, is a “Diva Dude, ” the group’s producer, parade director, and communications chair. He spoke of Julia’s dedication to bringing light to everybody, and that is precisely what the Blazen Divaz will continue to do. They will carry on Julia’s legacy by bringing joy and positivity to their community through dance, costume, and song.

We Will Never Forget Julia Parmann

Julia Parmann was a shining example of a person’s impact on their community. Her commitment to volunteerism, dedication to her dance group, and love for parades will continue to inspire others for years. Her memory will live on through the Blazen Divaz, and her spirit will continue to bring light to everyone she touches. Believe in Me will never forget Julia and the joy she brought to the community. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and the Blazen Divas as they work through the loss of this wonderful person.

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