2023 Raise a Record Gala: #1 Fan Golden Record Award

On April 29, 2023, the Neptune Theater in Seattle, WA, was transformed into a haven of hope and melodies as the Melodic Caring Project (MCP) hosted its 10th annual Raise a Record Gala. Guided by the vibrant emcee Jay Martin Jr., whose passion for community and hope resonated throughout the evening, attendees were immersed in an unforgettable celebration. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into the gala’s highlights, which brought together supporters, rockSTARS, and music enthusiasts to raise funds and spread joy through the transformative power of music.

A Night of Victory and Celebration

The theme of this year’s gala, “Cheers to 10 Years & All The Little Victories,” perfectly encapsulated the essence of the Melodic Caring Project’s mission. For over a decade, they have been dedicated to providing hope, connection, and healing through music to patients worldwide. The gala was a testament to their achievements and a chance to reflect on their impact.

Overcoming the Challenges of Cancer with Music

The gala spotlighted two extraordinary rockSTARS, Bridgette and Madeleine, whose stories left an indelible impact on the audience. Melodic Caring Project surprised the sisters by releasing their original songs, “It’s Me” by Bridgette and “My Fairytale” by Madeleine, on popular platforms like Amazon Music, iTunes, and Spotify. These songs resulted from therapeutic songwriting sessions conducted by MCP Co-Founder Levi Ware and MCP Music Therapist Katie Conder. The songs provided Bridgette and Madeleine an outlet to express and process their emotions during Bridgette’s courageous battle with cancer. To learn more about their inspiring stories and listen to their music, CLICK HERE.

Why Believe in Me is Melodic Caring Project’s #1 Fan

Unlocking the power of music, Believe in Me wholeheartedly supports the inspiring work of the Melodic Caring Project. Their work brings joy and connection to kids in hospitals and home care through live streaming music. Believe in Me’s mission is to ensure every child develops the self-confidence they need to succeed. By supporting Melodic Caring Project’s Rockstar program, we provide a safe haven, a loving family, and a supportive community for marginalized kids. Through grants for one-on-one and group music therapy sessions, we empower these brave souls, guiding them through their challenging journeys. Together, we’re showing these kids they are not alone and that they truly matter. 

Julie Wukelic Accepts Golden Record Award on Behalf of Believe in Me

One of the gala’s most heartfelt and emotional moments was the presentation of the Melodic Caring Project’s #1 Fan Golden Record Award to Julie Wukelic, CEO at Believe in Me. Believe in Me has been an unwavering supporter of the Melodic Caring Project, providing three grants to enable the organization to offer one-on-one music therapy, group music and art therapy, and overall support. In her acceptance speech, Julie emphasized the unifying force of music, stating, “Music is the thread that binds us all together.” Her words resonated deeply with everyone present, affirming the power of music to connect and heal.

Impacting Lives: The Melodic Caring Project’s Mission and Fundraising Efforts

The Raise a Record Gala celebrated the Melodic Caring Project’s achievements and highlighted the ongoing need for their programs. Since its inception in 2010, the organization has positively influenced the lives of over 38,000 rockSTARs and their family members. The gala played a crucial role in their fundraising efforts, ensuring the continuation of their mission to support mental and emotional health through the power of music. The generosity and support of attendees and sponsors have allowed the Melodic Caring Project to expand its reach and touch even more lives in the future.


A Night to Remember: Autographs, Dancing, and Uniting for a Cause

As the evening drew to a close, the atmosphere was filled with joy, camaraderie, and the echoes of unforgettable melodies. Attendees had the opportunity to meet the rockSTARS, share personal stories, and collect autographs. The dance floor became a vibrant space where guests, inspired by the spirit of unity, let loose and celebrated the incredible work of the Melodic Caring Project. It was a night that will be cherished for years to come, and we have these pictures to prove it!

Inspiring Hope, One Melody at a Time: The Impact of the 2023 Raise a Record Gala

The 10th annual Raise a Record Gala was a resounding success, marking a significant milestone in the Melodic Caring Project’s journey. It stood as a testament to their unwavering commitment to bringing hope and joy to patients worldwide through the power of music.

The impact of the 2023 Raise a Record Gala goes beyond the numbers. It lies in the smiles on the faces of patients, the stories of transformation, and the connections formed through music. The gala was a testament to the fact that every little victory counts. It celebrated the strength and resilience of patients, the unwavering support of their loved ones, and the collective effort of a community coming together to make a difference.

In closing, the 10th annual Raise a Record Gala was filled with music, triumph, and heartfelt connections. It celebrated the Melodic Caring Project’s decade-long dedication to bringing joy and hope to patients worldwide. As we move forward, let us remember the impact music can have on our lives and the lives of others. Let us continue to support organizations like the Melodic Caring Project that are making a difference, one melody at a time.

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