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Believe in Me Grants $15,000 to Melodic Caring Project for Music Therapy

Believe in Me has recently granted $15,000 to the Melodic Caring Project to support their one-on-one music therapy program, which offers wraparound services to help young patients heal and believe in themselves. The Melodic Caring Project is a non-profit organization based in Mount Vernon, WA, providing mental health support for kids and families dealing with

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Believe in Me Aims to Stop Corporal Punishment with a $5,000 Grant

Believe in Me has recently awarded a $5,000 Wraparound Services Pillar Grant to Partners with Families and Children (Partners) to establish a No-Hit Zone. The No-Hit Zone is a safe environment where no hitting is allowed. The funding provides training for Partners to promote healthy, non-violent behaviors and expressions of emotions and end corporal punishment.

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Portrait of sick woman looking at camera while sitting on the bed and playing guitar during her musical therapy at hospital

Music Therapy: Providing A Spark of Hope for Chronically Ill Children

We are thrilled to announce that the Melodic Caring Project has been awarded a $15,000 grant from the Believe in Me’s Wraparound Services and Enrichment Pillars This grant will significantly contribute to Melodic Caring Project’s efforts to provide virtual group music therapy to chronically ill children, who are often marginalized and isolated due to their

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