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Substance Use Disorder

Pioneering Youth Substance Use Disorder Empowerment with Believe in Me

Substance Use Disorder in Marginalized Youth Substance Use Disorder (SUD) among marginalized youth is a complex and pressing issue that demands our attention. These young individuals’ challenges can be overwhelming, but hope and help are available. In this blog, we’ll explore the intricacies of SUD among marginalized youth, identify risk factors, delve into the factors

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Embrace Washington

Grantee Spotlight: Embrace Washington

Embrace Washington’s Receives Grant for Sleep Safe Program Embrace Washington’s Sleep Safe Program is being awarded $9,250 to provide new beds and bedding for children in foster care. This particular grant falls within our Foster Care and Aoption Pillar of Caring.  Please note back in January, I introduced this agency in my Blog Series announcing

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School-to-prison pipeline

Breaking the Chains: Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline

During National Youth Justice Awareness Month, we delve into the complex issue of the school-to-prison pipeline, its root causes, and how organizations like Believe in Me are making a difference. Introduction In the United States, the path from a school classroom to a prison cell is unfortunate for many young individuals, particularly those from marginalized

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Guiding Kids with Grace in Separation and Divorce

Navigating Family Separation and Divorce: A Child-Centric Approach Family separation and divorce are life-altering events that impact the adults involved and, perhaps even more profoundly, the children caught in the crossfire. The emotional and psychological toll on children during these transitions is undeniable. As responsible adults, our solemn duty is to provide steadfast support and

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Body Image

Believe in Me’s Journey to Positive Body Image: Embrace Every Body

Breaking Beauty Barriers: Navigating Positive Body Image with Believe in Me In a world steeped in unrealistic beauty standards, the importance of positive body image cannot be overstated. For marginalized youth, the impact of negative body image extends beyond self-perception to deeply affect mental health, self-esteem, and overall well-being. Fortunately, organizations like Believe in Me

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diverse youth

The Profound Power of Trauma-Informed Care for Youth in the Justice System

Every day, more than 48,000 youth in the United States are placed in out-of-home facilities due to their involvement in the juvenile justice or criminal justice system.  Believe in Me understands the challenges marginalized youth face in today’s complex world, notably those entangled in the justice system. However, we firmly believe these young individuals are

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2023 Raise a Record Gala

2023 Raise a Record Gala: #1 Fan Golden Record Award

On April 29, 2023, the Neptune Theater in Seattle, WA, was transformed into a haven of hope and melodies as the Melodic Caring Project (MCP) hosted its 10th annual Raise a Record Gala. Guided by the vibrant emcee Jay Martin Jr., whose passion for community and hope resonated throughout the evening, attendees were immersed in

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