Grantee Spotlight: Embrace Washington

Embrace Washington’s Receives Grant for Sleep Safe Program

Embrace Washington’s Sleep Safe Program is being awarded $9,250 to provide new beds and bedding for children in foster care. This particular grant falls within our Foster Care and Aoption Pillar of Caring.  Please note back in January, I introduced this agency in my Blog Series announcing a $15,250 Education Pillar of Caring award. 

Sleep Safe Provides Beds for Foster Children

Because of limited bed space in foster homes, the Washington Department of Children, Youth, and Families has resorted to housing children in hotels where no foster home placement is available for siblings. With Embrace Washington’s Sleep Safe Program we are able to provide beds and bed linens to foster families within a 72 hour window for children in their care. The Sleep Safe Program not only creates a cost-effective, child-centered solution for Dept. of Children, Youth and Families, but also ensures siblings who enter foster care stay together. The State Agency reports this program has effectively eliminated this issue by providing beds in a timely manner to foster families and kinship family who are taking placements in our region.

Foster Care Grants Are Helping to Improve Child Welfare


Every day thousands of kids and young people suffer from abuse, neglect, or don’t have a safe place to call home. In most cases, when children aren’t safe with their parents, or they can’t be placed with relatives, foster care is the preferred option. It can help maintain family connections and cultural traditions that can minimize the trauma of family separation.  

Foster Care

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