2023 Believe in Me Drag Beauty Pageant: Glitz, Glam, & Empowerment

Step into a world where self-expression knows no boundaries, beauty reigns supreme, and empowerment takes center stage. The Believe in Me Drag Beauty Pageant Fundraiser, held on March 4, 2023, at the exquisite Highball Lounge inside Northern Quest Casino, was an unforgettable evening filled with laughter, tears, and abundant love. With over 125 attendees, 20 enthusiastic volunteers, and the support of esteemed sponsors, this event spotlighted the incredible talents of drag performers while raising awareness and funds for an important cause.

Star-Studded Cast Shines Bright at the 2023 Believe in Me Drag Beauty Pageant

The event brought together a star-studded cast of performers, distinguished judges, and passionate individuals who believe in creating a better future for marginalized youth. Our contestants – Soroya Courvoisier, Aquasha DeLusty, Arianna D. Spanic, Rita Fine, Hybrid, Sativa Black Jones St. James, Ivy Rachael Mae, Crystal Marche, and Violet Valentine – dazzled the audience with their charisma and unique artistry. They were evaluated by an esteemed panel of judges, including Vivian Von Jager, Eunice Kennedy Smith, Nikki Hilton, Nathan SiJohn, and Jada Graham. The fabulous Nova Kaine and the charismatic Pat Simmons flawlessly co-hosted the evening.*

And the Winners Are… Celebrating the Victors of This Year’s Beauty Pageant

The competition was fierce, but in the end, Sativa Black Jones St. James claimed the coveted 1st place, winning a thrilling trip to see Ru Paul’s Drag Race in Las Vegas. Aquasha DeLusty gracefully secured 2nd place, while Hybrid wowed the judges to earn the 3rd place spot. Congratulations to these outstanding performers!

Unforgettable Performances and Inspiring Stories

The event’s format was a whirlwind of excitement and talent. It kicked off with a sizzling nightclub apparel round that showcased each contestant’s creativity and impeccable style. The talent competition followed, leaving the audience in awe of the diverse range of skills. From mesmerizing lip-sync performances to jaw-dropping dance routines, the stage came alive with the vibrant energy of drag culture. Finally, the evening gown and public speaking competition captivated the crowd as each contestant shared their “Believe in Me” story, recounting the transformative moments that ignited their self-confidence. Not a dry eye was left in the house!

Heartfelt  “Believe in Me” testimonial videos were played between sets, adding an emotional layer to the event. Mari Gilge courageously shared her journey of coming out and expressed gratitude for her mentor, Joy, whose unwavering support changed her life. Teo Damitio touched hearts with his story of coming out and thanked his theater family for providing love and acceptance when his own adopted family fell short. An overview video shed light on the struggles faced by LGBTQ youth, emphasizing the urgent need to support and uplift them.

Dazzling Afternoon at the Highball Lounge Venue

The Highball Lounge, nestled within the opulent Northern Quest Casino, provided the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary event. The venue’s modern speakeasy ambiance, adorned with magnificent crystal chandeliers, exuded glamour and charm. The delectable cuisine served during the fundraiser added an extra touch of culinary delight to the evening.

2023 Believe in Me Drag Beauty Pageant

Spreading Hope and Empowerment: The Cause Behind the Event

The Believe in Me Drag Beauty Pageant Fundraiser served a greater purpose beyond glitz and glamour. With your generosity, we raised nearly $40,000 to combat the alarming rates of LGBTQ youth suicide in our community. By supporting children’s charities that provide marginalized kids with safe spaces, loving families, and growth opportunities, we aim to instill self-confidence and prevent these tragedies from occurring. LGBTQ youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide, and transgender individuals face an even more alarming rate of eight times that of their cisgender peers. The funds raised during this spectacular event will contribute to preventing this heartbreaking problem and creating a brighter future for LGBTQ youth.

Join the Movement: Empowering LGBTQ Youth Beyond the 2023 Believe in Me Drag Beauty Pageant

To continue supporting our cause, we encourage you to get involved. Consider volunteering your time and skills to organizations supporting and mentoring marginalized youth. Every act of kindness and support can significantly impact someone’s life. Additionally, donations are crucial in funding programs and initiatives that uplift and empower LGBTQ youth. By contributing to organizations like Believe in Me, you can help provide marginalized kids with safe environments, educational opportunities, and a strong sense of community.

Please spread the word about the challenges faced by LGBTQ youth and the importance of creating inclusive and accepting spaces for them. Share your experiences, raise awareness on social media, and engage in conversations that promote understanding and empathy. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where young people can develop the self-confidence they need to succeed. Let’s celebrate the power of self-expression, diversity, and unity exemplified by the Believe in Me Drag Beauty Pageant Fundraiser.

Thank you to the attendees, volunteers, sponsors, board members, judges, and performers who made this event a resounding success. Your unwavering support and dedication have positively impacted the lives of LGBTQ youth in our community. Stay tuned for future events and initiatives as we continue our mission to empower and uplift marginalized youth. Together, we can create a world where everyone feels loved, accepted, and supported.

Creating a Brighter Future: Reflecting on the Impact

Remember, every act of kindness, big or small, can make a lasting impact. Let’s stand together and champion the self-confidence of our youth, ensuring a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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