Spokane Youth Symphony: Music Is Reaching New Levels

In follow up to the Tomorrow Never Dies gala we hosted on October 7, we want to recognize the Spokane Youth Symphony (SYS) and their continuous work with talented youth in our community. In 2022, the Symphony was awarded a $10,000 Believe in Me grant to cover the expenses of using the Martin Woldson Theater for their four-concert series. This article focuses on the importance of music for kids and youth, the important work Spokane Youth Symphony is doing to change the lives of our community’s youth, and to express our thanks for their performance at our gala.

The Importance Of Music For Youth Development

We are connected to music even before being born. It is a way to enhance our perception and grow our receptors. For example, some parents sing bedtime songs to their babies while others incorporate music into their daily activities through other mediums. At school, we learn our colors, the alphabet, and new words and concepts by singing songs with repetitive rhythms. As we see, music creates community, it is a great source of enjoyment and encourages cognitive development in children.

Studies have shown that music helps toddlers, kids, and youth to develop their motor skills including their hand-eye coordination as well as building social skills. In addition, it has been proven that music increases the willingness to help others and to cooperate on problem-solving tasks when working in groups. 

Music has also been shown to help improve memory and reasoning skills in children. A study published in the Journal Frontiers in Psychology found that children who participated in music training showed improved performance on tests of working memory and executive function (which includes tasks such as planning, flexibility, and problem-solving) compared to those who did not participate in music training. Music offers many benefits to children, both in terms of their cognitive development and social skills. If you’re looking for ways to help your child grow and develop, consider incorporating music into their lives!

Spokane Youth Symphony Provides New Opportunities For Talented Young Musicians

The Spokane Youth Symphony was started in 1949, as a nonprofit organization formed to promote a junior symphony in Spokane, similar to the famous Portland Junior Symphony Orchestra. Shortly thereafter, the Spokane Junior Symphony held its first concert in the Spokane Masonic Center. In 1962, a Summer Camp was included, and it gave 70 students an intensive three-day musical instruction and performing opportunity. The tradition of this summer camp has continued for 48 years. In 1969, the program expanded to training orchestra enthusiasts for younger ages, and by 1979 the official name of Spokane Youth Symphony was born.

Since its beginnings, the Spokane Youth Symphony has grown to include four, and at times five, orchestra groups of graduated playing abilities, as well as several short-term string quartets and wind quintets. As a result, youth from the symphony have been fortunate to share the spotlight with hundreds of exceptional musicians, actors, and dancers featured as guest artists sharing the stage. 

Your Support Gives Talented, Young Musicians A Way To Follow Their Dreams

As aforementioned, the Symphony awarded a grant to cover the expenses to use the Martin Woldson Theater, where the Spokane Youth Symphony became the Artistic Constituent in 2007. Believe in Me wants to support all the hard work the symphony has invested to support talented musicians. This grant in essence also contributes to the Martin Woldson Theater as it continues to become Spokane’s leading historical and distinguished theater and the home of the Spokane Youth Symphony’s four-concert seasonal subscription series. 

We invite you to support their fundraising efforts by purchasing holiday wreaths and centerpieces or by purchasing season tickets to their performances. Visit the Spokane Youth Symphony to learn more. Your participation and contributions are opening the doors for talented young musicians, from any economic background, to follow their dreams and feel supported.

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