Believe in Me Grants $15,000 to Melodic Caring Project for Music Therapy

Melodic Caring Project logoBelieve in Me has recently granted $15,000 to the Melodic Caring Project to support their one-on-one music therapy program, which offers wraparound services to help young patients heal and believe in themselves. The Melodic Caring Project is a non-profit organization based in Mount Vernon, WA, providing mental health support for kids and families dealing with severe illness and extended isolation. As part of Believe in Me’s Wraparound Services Pillar of Caring, this grant aims to provide comprehensive support for marginalized kids and their families. In this blog, we’ll discuss the Melodic Caring Project’s innovative approach to music therapy, the impact of their work, and how you can support their mission.

Providing Support for Kids and Families

The Melodic Caring Project was founded in 2010 by Levi and Stephanie Ware to provide mental health support for kids and families dealing with the impact of severe illness and extended isolation. The idea that music can help reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance social connections drives their mission.

One-on-One Music Therapy Program

The One-on-One music therapy program offered by the Melodic Caring Project is a unique and personalized approach to care. Patients, or “rockSTARS,” work with a music therapist or “Rockologist” to create a customized music therapy plan tailored to their needs. This plan can include weekly 1:1 music therapy sessions, weekly group music and art sessions, and live stream performances by musicians who provide special shoutouts to the rockSTARS.

Melodic Caring Project’s Innovative Music Therapy Approach

The program uses a personalized music therapy approach to help young patients heal and believe in themselves. By creating specific treatment plans that utilize musical interventions, the program offers a different way of healing for children with chronic illnesses. This approach improves mood, reduces anxiety, and provides a sense of hope and connection for those in need.

The Melodic Caring Project has forever changed the lives of thousands of patients and families worldwide. Since 2010, the organization has used the power of music and personal connection to provide ongoing support to over 37,000 patients and others battling illness and isolation worldwide.

The Melodic Caring Project’s unique relationships between patients and musicians testify to the organization’s commitment to providing hope and connection for those in need. By connecting patients with musicians, the organization can offer a unique and meaningful experience that can help patients to believe in themselves and their ability to overcome challenges. Kaelyn, one of the Melodic Caring Project’s rockSTAR’s shares how their program has changed her life:

“Today I got to watch the Coldplay documentary premiere and it was absolutely incredible…I live with Cerebral Palsy and as a result I live with chronic pain. Music is something that brings me an undeniable sense of joy…I am so grateful for the breaks from the pain and discomfort and today your music did that for me…Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Forever grateful, rockSTAR Kaelyn”

If you’re interested in watching a video with Chris Martin of Coldplay and their contribution to Melodic Caring Project, click here!

Supporting the Melodic Caring Project’s Mission

The upcoming RAISE A RECORD Gala, held by the Melodic Caring Project, is another opportunity for people to support the organization’s mission. The event, held on April 29, 2023, will feature performances by musicians and Rockologists, the Melodic Caring Project’s team of music therapists. The event will allow attendees to connect with others committed to supporting marginalized kids and their families. More information about the event can be found here.

Supporting Marginalized Kids through Wraparound Services

In conclusion, the Melodic Caring Project’s work in providing mental health support for kids and their families dealing with serious illnesses is invaluable. Believe in Me is excited to help support the Melodic Caring Project’s One-on-One music therapy program and offer much-needed services to young patients. We congratulate the organization on its grant award and its years of service. We encourage readers to support the Melodic Caring Project. Let’s work together to make a difference for those who need it most.

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