World Youth Skills Day: How Organizations In Spokane Are Helping Kids

In November 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared July 15th as World Youth Skills Day. The celebration of this day brings awareness and a call to action to improve access to new skills for young people. These skills are necessary attributes for employment and entrepreneurship.

This year, World Youth Skills Day takes place on July 15 at a moment when the world is trying to make its best efforts to recover from the last two years which were negatively impacted by the pandemic. However, we are seeing a reversal in poverty, inequality, employment, and climate change in some demographics, and the gaps in opportunity are increasing with the minorities like Indigenous, Hispanic, and African American people.

Technical And Vocational Education And Training Is Improving Youth’s Future

Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) are seen as a key to integrating youth into labor markets. These programs provide young people with the practical skills and work readiness necessary for success in the workforce. Through school-based and work-based learning, TVET offers students the opportunity to develop skills in different occupational fields. Further, this type of education is important for reducing school dropout rates and facilitating the transition from school to work. It also plays a vital role in ensuring that young people are better prepared to enter the workforce and/or start their careers.

Nevertheless, there is a need to address challenges faced by young people such as access to education, health, employment, gender equality, and even housing. In addition, youth are increasingly demanding more just, equitable, and progressive opportunities and solutions in their societies and for themselves. Some examples include:

  • Attainment an educational level that fits their aspirations
  • Access to employment opportunities equal to their abilities
  • Food and nutrition which is adequate for full participation in the life of society
  • A physical and mentally healthy environment
  • Human rights and fundamental freedoms
  • Participation in decision-making processes
  • Places and facilities for cultural, recreational, and sports activities

Why Is Important To Support Youth Development

Although the progress toward universal basic education has made great strides towards success, there is still work to be done to improve the current education system. Sadly, there are too many parents who are unable to send their kids to school because of economic or social conditions. Also, access to education comprises an even smaller percentage of participation for refugees, migrants, street children, indigenous and young kids from rural areas. The last problem is that much of what’s taught in schools is irrelevant for adulthood development and employment. The obstacles to education comprise a larger problem for economic development in our communities.

A recent article by United Nations explains that youth are a powerful force for economic development. Providing young people with the knowledge and opportunities they need to thrive generates a positive impact on their lives and the communities in which they live. In particular, the study found that education and skills training is essential for young people to contribute to a productive economy. Furthermore, access to jobs is also critical for ensuring that young people can participate in the labor force. By investing in youth, we can help to create a better future for all.

Believe in Me Grants Are Improving Youth’s Future

For Believe in Me leverages your generous donations to fund organizations that are helping kids and young people in the Spokane area to develop what they need to succeed. Some examples of our 2022 Grants are Communities in Schools of Benton-Franklin with their program called “Building Resiliency Through Relationships” which focuses on walking alongside youth to address the barriers they face in and outside schools. Communities in Schools of Spokane and their partnership with the ZoNE is helping kids and youth develop strong social-emotional skills, and have their physical and mental health needs met. Spokane Angels with their “Dare to Dream” program helps young people who are turning 18 years old to navigate life’s challenges, set goals, and help achieve their dreams through mentorship and companionship. 

Your donations not only help us to accomplish our mission, but they change the lives of thousands of kids and youth in your community. You are giving us the ability to build a better community for everyone. Celebrate World Youth Skills Day today and make a donation of your time, talents, or treasures. Thank you!

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