Beyond the Saddle: Believe in Me’s $5,000 Grant Empowers The Place of Horses

Illuminating Paths of Empowerment

Organizations like Believe in Me shine as beacons of hope in a world where the clamor for success often drowns out the whispers of personal growth and empathy. Grounded in a vision of empowering every child to embrace their potential, Believe in Me extends a helping hand to marginalized youth, offering them the opportunity to thrive in a nurturing environment. Among the grant awardees stands The Place of Horses. In this sanctuary, the majestic creatures of the equine world serve as catalysts for personal transformation. With Believe in Me’s support, The Place of Horses can continue its mission of providing life-changing experiences for young individuals, fostering empowerment, confidence, and empathy through the profound connection between humans and horses.

Beyond the Saddle: The Holistic Oasis of The Place of Horses


Nestled in the serene embrace of nature, The Place of Horses is not just a sanctuary; it’s a haven where the symbiotic relationship between humans and horses fosters profound growth and self-discovery. Contrary to traditional riding facilities, The Place of Horses goes beyond the saddle, immersing participants in the holistic experience of horsemanship. Here, a typical day transcends the boundaries of routine; it’s a journey of grooming, bonding, chores, riding, and hands-on lessons in horsemanship.

The Place of Horses

The Ranch Hand Scholarships Program

At the heart of The Place of Horses beats the Ranch Hand Scholarships Program, a beacon of hope for economically distressed youth yearning for a chance to connect with these gentle giants. Believe in Me’s generous grant of $5,000 fuels the program’s mission to dismantle financial barriers, ensuring that every child, regardless of their socioeconomic background, can partake in the transformative journey offered by The Place of Horses.

Empowering Through Equine Connection


Beyond the confines of monetary assistance lies a deeper purpose – to instill a sense of empowerment, confidence, and empathy within these young hearts. The ethos of The Place of Horses is rooted in the belief that every interaction with these sentient beings holds a mirror to one’s soul. Through the unwavering companionship of their equine partners, participants learn the art of self-respect, resilience, and emotional honesty.

“We are so incredibly thankful for this grant from the Believe in Me Foundation. With this $5,000 grant, we were able to ensure that even in the slow season, our senior horses had feed. Moreover, we were able to open our doors to youth in need, offering them the healing power of our horses without worrying about the cost."
Tina Meekins
Board President/Chair, The Place of Horses

A Journey of Self-Discovery

The journey at The Place of Horses transcends the realm of mere skill acquisition; it’s a voyage of self-discovery where participants learn to navigate the intricacies of their own emotions and behaviors. As they tend to the needs of their equine companions, they glean invaluable life lessons in responsibility, leadership, and conflict resolution. The bond forged between humans and horses becomes a conduit for personal growth, illuminating the path toward a brighter, more confident future.

Fostering Lifelong Skills


In the gentle nuzzle of a horse and the rhythm of hooves against the earth lies the classroom where life’s most profound lessons are taught. Through the Ranch Hand Scholarships Program, participants acquire practical horsemanship skills and cultivate essential life skills that transcend the stables. From navigating academic challenges to fostering harmonious relationships at home, the lessons learned at The Place of Horses serve as guiding beacons in the tumultuous sea of life.

The Place of Horses

A Testament to Compassion and Commitment

Behind the rustic gates of The Place of Horses stands a team driven by unwavering compassion and dedication. With over two decades of experience, they have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of equine therapy. Their mission transcends mere horsemanship; it’s a testament to the profound bond between humans and horses and the ripple effect of compassion in a world often marred by adversity.

Looking Towards the Future

Supported by a grant from Believe in Me, The Place of Horses fulfills its mission as a sanctuary, providing empowerment and connection to marginalized youth through equine therapy. Participants engage in a holistic experience that includes grooming, bonding, and hands-on horsemanship lessons, fostering practical and essential life skills such as responsibility, leadership, and empathy. Participants emerge with heightened confidence and a deeper sense of worth through the profound bond between humans and horses.


With Believe in Me’s support, The Place of Horses extends its reach, offering a lifeline to young individuals seeking empowerment. Amidst the echoes of laughter and the gentle nickers of equine companions, the sanctuary is a beacon of hope, guiding participants toward self-discovery and boundless potential. Together, Believe in Me and The Place of Horses demonstrate the transformative impact of compassion and support, enriching lives and uplifting communities.


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