Girl Scouts: An Opportunity To Transform Low-Income Girls Into Leaders

Celebrating and encouraging the outdoors is important for Believe in Me because of all the health benefits it provides for kids. June was the Great Outdoor Month, but it just ended. As expected, a great way to celebrate Great Outdoors Month was to encourage you to get outside and enjoy nature. However, a little background about the Great Outdoor can be found in our blog: The Great Outdoors Just Got Greater: June Is Great Outdoors Month, where we talked about the transition and growth of this initiative.

The Outdoors Month is gone, but the beginning of summer seems to be finally in Washington. A perfect time to take a break from the technology, the routine of being seated in front of a computer, start the appreciation of our country’s diverse landscape, and get inspired by the Girls Scout and their programs. 

Strengthen Self Perspective For Girls Thought Outdoors And Other Experiences

Girl Scouts has a long history of connecting girls with nature. Since the organization was founded in 1912, outdoor experiences have been an important part of its programs. The troops have the option of participating in activities like hiking, camping, swimming, canoeing, archery, and of course, roasting marshmallows. 

Today, the value that Girl Scouts places in the outdoors is stronger than ever. For many girls, belonging to Girl Scouts provides an opportunity to connect with nature in a girl-led setting. The organization offers a wide range of outdoor programming, from day trips to week-long camping trips.  The activities are divided by grade level: The youngest girls, those who are K1, are recognized as the Daisies; grades 2 to 3 are brownies; grades 4 to 5 are Juniors; grades 6 to 8 are Cadettes; 9 to 10 grades are Seniors, and the Ambassadors are youth in grades 11 to 12. 

There are also opportunities for girls to earn badges and awards related to outdoor activities. Whether girls are exploring the outdoors for the first time or continuing a lifelong love of nature, Girl Scouts provides a unique opportunity for them to grow and learn in a safe and nurturing environment.

Go Getter Program: Supporting Marginalized Girls To Enjoy The Outdoors

At Believe in Me, we support that every person, every girl gets the opportunity not only to this unforgettable experiences, but also a chance to practice a lifetime of leadership, adventure, and success. For this reason, Believe in Me granted the Go Getter, an outreach program that engages girls from low-income neighborhoods in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Traditionally, the Girl Scout troops rely heavily on parental support and volunteering. In many high-poverty communities, there is a lack of support, and the financial burden on families has been cited obstacle to participation, which Go Getters overcomes.

Girls Scout is an organization focused on community and sisterhood, appreciating everyone’s unique value, celebrating our differences, and supporting one another through obstacles and conflict. In addition, studies have shown that this whole child approach works. Girls report higher academic attainment and income, more excellent community service and civic engagement, and a stronger sense of self.

How To Celebrate The Outdoors Following The Girl Scouts’ Recommendations

We won’t give you badges this time. Nevertheless, we have some cool tips and ideas that we recovered from the Girls Scout to keep enjoying the outdoors during along all year:

  1. Go Camping. Take your tent, car, or RV and look for new places to explore. If not possible, build your tent in your backyard/balcony or a friend’s house. 
  1. Visit National Parks. We understand that getting the pass is not always possible. For this reason, we want to remind you that on January 17, April 16, August 4, and September 24, all National Parks have free access to enjoy the great outdoors all year long.
  1. Care For The Environment: Learning about endangered species, planting trees in your local park, or taking the lead to recycle is a good way to develop a lasting commitment to the environment.
  1. Have fun in your neighborhood. Getting outside doesn’t have to be hard; you can explore the wonders of Mother Nature in your neighborhood! Plant a garden or a hydroponic garden, create a nature scavenger hunt, go for a walk, or have fun in your community park.
  1. Practice a New Hobbies. From painting landscapes to playing soccer, some hobbies don’t need too many resources to start with. Find what’s around the house that makes you feel motivated to get outside. 

Democratizing Outdoors Is Everyone’s Task

We know it’s never too late to start enjoying the outdoors. Even if June was the Great Outdoors Month, we encourage you to go outside all year long. Visit the closest park or the closes beach, sit at your door or window and start birdwatching, or learn more about free activities in your community.

Believe in Me values all the great programs and organizations that help kids develop the self-esteem they need to succeed. For example, we supported organizations that promote the outdoors for kids like Dishman Hills Nature Association, and this year we are supporting Camp Fire and Girls Scout. Every organization has unique programs that help kids to learn from and about nature but also learn about themselves. The Girl Scouts are a big example of organizations trying to democratize what should be accessible to everyone. Accessible to people of diverse incomes, backgrounds, race, color, and gender. Let’s explore together and celebrate nature!

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