Believe in Me’s Virtual Wine Tasting Event Empowers Marginalized Youth

Believe in Me, a non-profit organization committed to empowering marginalized youth through mentorship, education, and community outreach, faced challenges in fundraising during the unprecedented year of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the organization to find innovative ways to engage with its supporters and raise awareness of its cause. That’s when Believe in Me partnered with In Good Taste and Sendoso to adapt its annual wine-tasting event into a successful virtual format.

Swirl, Sip, and Support: Virtual Wine Tasting Event Unites Supporters Nationwide

The virtual wine-tasting events were a huge success, enabling the organization to reach a wider audience while complying with safety guidelines and COVID-19 protocols. Attendees signed up online and received a box in the mail containing eight small bottles of wine, two tasting glasses, and commemorative coasters. This thoughtful package allowed participants to feel connected and united, despite physical distance.

Share Your “Believe in Me Story”: A Homework Assignment

The event aimed to foster intimacy among small groups of ten or more virtual attendees who joined a bi-monthly Zoom call. Believe in Me’s CEO introduced the organization’s mission and assigned homework to each attendee to reflect on and share their personal “Believe in Me Story” after the tasting. This assignment allowed participants to connect with the organization’s mission on a deeper level and reflect on their personal experiences.

Learning and Tasting: Attendees Explore the World of Wine with Professional Sommelier

The group then participated in a wine tasting led by a professional sommelier, learning about the 4 S’s of wine tasting – See, Swirl, Smell, and Sip. Attendees traveled around the world as they tasted wines from various regions and learned about different wine-making processes.

Sharing Stories: Attendees Connect with Believe in Me’s Mission Through Emotional and Inspiring Moments

The virtual wine-tasting event not only allowed attendees to learn about wines but also provided an opportunity to connect with others and share stories. After the tasting, attendees shared stories about those who planted hope in them and helped them believe in themselves. It was an incredibly emotional and inspiring moment that left attendees motivated to support the organization’s cause.

Combining Passion and Purpose: Swirl, Sip, and Support Event Engages Attendees in Empowering Marginalized Youth

The Swirl, Sip, and Support event allowed attendees to combine their love for wine with their passion for empowering young girls and women, making it a great way to introduce people to the organization’s mission and engage them in a meaningful way. The virtual format made it more accessible to a broader audience, and the event’s success demonstrated its value as a strategy worth pursuing in the future.

Resilience and Success: Virtual Format Allows Believe in Me to Reach Broader Audience and Succeed During Difficult Time

Overall, Believe in Me’s 2020 Swirl, Sip, and Support event showcased the organization’s resilience and innovation during a challenging year. The virtual format allowed attendees to feel connected and engaged, learn, connect, and support a great cause. The success of the event proved that even during times of adversity, organizations can find ways to innovate and succeed.

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