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Alexandra Martinez is a Finance and International Trade graduate from La Salle University, Colombia. Alexandra came all the way to Seattle to study Marketing at the University of Washington. She enjoys using her passion for traveling and sports to write stories on her blog and her social media encouraging people to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.
Alexandra joined Believe in Me as the Marketing Coordinator, and she is excited to be part of a team that helps every kid develop the self-confidence they need to succeed.

Bryan is a Pacific Northwest person through and through. Raised just outside of Spokane since the age of 3, Bryan has always taken part in serving this community. As an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, and a graduate from EWU his sense of service and roots in his community are strong. Bryan has always been willing to try something new, and that has led to many varied hobbies including hiking, tabletop gaming, and even blacksmithing.

"Above all else, I believe people should be kind."

About the Author; My name is Demi Jefferies. I was born and raised in southwest Florida and moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2015 to attend Washington State University (WSU). I am a recent graduate of the history department at WSU, with a concentration in biology. I have always had very eclectic passions and hobbies, with a particular interest in writing. I have worked in many career fields, including retail, food service, and lab work. I struggle to answer any question that starts with “what is your favorite...” because I find joy in many activities and genres of media. I have always found great joy in helping others and take any opportunity to create positive change in the lives of those around me.

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