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J.S. Sargent is a Spokane-area writer and business professional. He is married with two growing daughters, is an honors graduate from the University of Washington, and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from National University. His nonfiction experience stretches all the way back to the humble high school newspaper; more recently, in 2019 and 2020, he published the first two books of a fiction trilogy. J.S. is passionate about at-risk youth and making a difference in the community through active involvement in the Christian youth organization AWANA and volunteering his time to Believe in Me.

Kaylee Bossé is a recent English and Dance graduate from Gonzaga University, where she was published in many of the campus academic journals. Kaylee enjoys blogging about her life experiences, especially those related to dance and health. Her work can be seen on the FINE Magazine website, the National Dance Education Organization’s Behind the Curtain blog, and her personal blog, She enjoys using her writing passion to help others and continues to be grateful to Believe in Me for giving her an opportunity to do just that.

Elizabeth Estevez is a New York-based writer who recently received her BA from CUNY Hunter College. She gained her love for writing from book reports in middle school and developed her nonfiction writing skills through various academic papers in college. Her most recent research paper focused on the lost library of Alexandria and spoke to her love for books and history. In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys binge-watching Netflix, YouTube, walks in the park, and reading romance books.

My name is Mary Clare O'Shea and I recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Global Studies. I currently work at the American College of Surgeons in the member services division. What drives me is making the world a better, more equitable place for all. Working with youth and empowering them to be the best they can be is a huge part of that, which is why I joined the Believe in Me Foundation as a copywriter. In my free time, I can be found doing yoga, reading, writing, and spending time with friends!

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Josh graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in English Language & Literature and a sub concentration in Creative Writing. His main focus was poetry, but he also enjoyed short fiction, creative nonfiction, and screenwriting. After graduation, he went on to work as an editor and proofreader.

It was only recently that Josh entered the world of copywriting, drawn to the ways that well-crafted copy can connect us, bringing our stories to life in rich and vivid detail. He finds that much like the creative writing he’s done in the past, copywriting is an exercise in true empathy, and he finds the challenges of thoughtful composition and revision to be fun and fulfilling.

When he isn’t writing copy, you can find Josh playing with his puppies or working out at the gym (or more recently, the home gym). He also has a passion for guitar, singing, and songwriting, and he’s working on recording his first EP.

Melissa (Missy) Smith hails all the way from South Africa. With a love for storytelling at a young age, she earned her BA in Drama and went on to receive her MA in Performing Arts Management; creating spaces and places for everyone to share their stories. Her love for storytelling took her all the way to the Walt Disney World Company in Orlando, Florida, where she shared stories with Guests from all over the globe. Now in Spokane, Melissa enjoys writing on a variety of different topics. She appreciates her opportunity with Believe in Me to share the stories of many individuals who cannot, especially disadvantaged youths.

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