Alexandra Martinez

Alexandra Martinez is a Finance and International Trade graduate from La Salle University, Colombia. Alexandra came all the way to Seattle to study Marketing at the University of Washington. She enjoys using her passion for traveling and sports to write stories on her blog and her social media encouraging people to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. Alexandra joined Believe in Me as the Marketing and Events Coordinator, and she is excited to be part of a team that helps every kid develop the self-confidence they need to succeed.

March on Washington

Bayard Rustin: Helping People Of Color And The Gay Community Through Social Justice

Bayard Rustin’s work was instrumental in the civil rights movement. He believed that all people should be treated equally and worked tirelessly to make this happen, even when it was unpopular or dangerous for him. His non-cooperation, truth, and honesty techniques during protest then became an inspiration and support for young activists like Martin Luther King, Jr. Learn More

Dorothy Vaugham

Juneteenth: A New Era Of Hope For African American People

Juneteenth is a great time to learn about the ending of slavery in the United States and to honor the culture and achievements of African Americans. Today, we want to celebrate Dorothy Vaughan. Even though she didn’t live during times of slavery, it was only 50 years later when she was born. Surrounded by instability and uncertainly for black people, Dorothy was born to be the first African-American team manager at NASA. Read More.

Love Box

Foster Kids: How the Love Box and Dare To Dream Programs Bring Hope

In celebration of Foster Care Awareness Month, we are continuously highlighting our most important projects to support organizations that are committed to helping foster kids in our community. In our last article, Foster Care Grants Are Helping to Improve Child Welfare, we mentioned some of the data for 2019 and how Embrace Washington, one of …

Foster Kids: How the Love Box and Dare To Dream Programs Bring Hope Read More »

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